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Preparing Your Home and Appliance For The Holiday Season

Appliances Repair during Holiday season

It is that time of the season again for joy, fun, vacations with family and friends get together. Which can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming for some as they prepare their house for visitors and go shopping for a gift. Planning ahead of time and preparing your holiday checklist can help in reducing your stress. As you begin to get things done before the time you can have spare time to enjoy the holiday season. For some people shopping and preparing their home for the holiday is not on top of their to-do list this season. But if you want to enjoy your holiday then you should consider doing the following. 

Get Your Walkways Clean

This holiday season you want clean walkways so that your visitors can easily walk around your house. You will need to remove any debris, snow or leaves from every foot-traffic area and sidewalks. And if your walkways or yard is not in good condition due to the snowy or icy weather. Then you should consider hiring the service of yard cleaner and snow removal or you can just salt walkways and steps on the entryway. 

Make List Of Supplies and Gift Needed During this Holiday

You should make a list of any hosting or party you will be attending this season so you can know the list of supplies and gifts you will need for the parties. You can then divide the list based on stores that are selling them to make your shopping experience better and reduce multiple trips to the same store. With the list, you easily get all that is needed ready before time to save you the stress of running around when most stores are busy. 

Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

As you will be expecting visitors this season or properly hosting a holiday party for families and friends you need to clean your bathrooms. This is part of the preparation you have to do especially for a guest that will be staying overnight. All the bathroom fixtures such as sinks, faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, toilets and others should be properly cleaned. Also as a means of spreading the holiday spirit and happiness, you can add a scented candle. Ensure to leave fresh towels for your guests and put a new bathroom garbage bag. 

Get those Furniture Clean

There are usually some overlook areas during normal cleaning like behind and under the furniture which will need thorough cleaning this season. As family, friends or colleagues gather together at your house this season you want them to sit on clean furniture. So clean wooden furniture with microfiber cloth and cleaner and if needed you can apply wood polish. And you should not forget to clean your upholstery which can be done by hiring a machine or a trusted upholstery cleaning company. 

Get Extra Waste Bins and Label them

There will be lots of trash and recycling materials to dispose of this season as people exchange gifts and host parties. When you place labelled recycling and trash waste bins in some strategic areas in the house it will encourage guests in disposing of items instead of placing them on tables or countertops and help reduce your cleaning time after a party. 

As you prepare your home for this holiday season, there is a need to prepare some of your appliances as well. And if there are any of your appliances that are not in good condition you should consider calling one of your local appliance experts to check them. Ensure all your appliances that will be needed this season are ready for use by doing the following.

Clean The Filter and drain Of Your Dishwasher

There is a cleanable filter on your dishwasher wish some people fail to realize which can be found at the bottom of most models inside the units. You should carefully twist it out and with a dish soap and cleaning brush clean the gunk. And for cleaning dishwasher drain remove the drain filter and wash it with soap and hot water using a bottle brush. Check if there is any food debris and gunk in the drain and clean any particles using a sponge. Then reinsert the dishwasher drain and filter you just washed. 

Clean Your Refrigerator

You might need more space in your refrigerator to keep some of your food. And in case you are travelling, you may want to remove expired food, dressings, drinks and dated perishables. You may need to remove every item wash them and dry them before returning them to the refrigerator and get rid of any expired food items. You want to create enough space in your fridge before stocking it.

Clean the Washing Machine Lint Filter

There is every possibility you will have to do more laundry this season and that is why you need to get it ready. So in case you are not aware your washing machine has a lint filter which you need to clean if you want to effectively clean your next laundry. Find the washing machine lint filter clean it as you prepare for the holiday season. 

Get The Oven Clean

In preparation for the holiday season, your oven should not be left out and you want to make sure it is in good working condition. Clean the oven nicely and get ready for holiday baking and cooking. Some ovens have a self-cleaning option which you can choose to use just to ensure you know how to reduce odours and fumes. And this should be done preferably before you start receiving guests for the holiday.


The holiday season should be fun but that will only be possible when you prepare ahead. Ensure you get your house ready and fix any faulty appliance you know will be needed during this season. List all that you need to buy and do then start making preparation now to avoid being stressed and occupy with things to do rather than enjoying the holiday.        

How to Increase the Lifespan of your Oven

How To increase Lifespan of your Oven

Do you frequently use your appliance? When was the last time you checked its interior? How many times do you take care of it? What about the temperature, do you test it for its healing ability? Do you have to Saddle River Ovens? How often do you repair ovens in Saddle River NJ? These are the questions oven owners should be able to answer.

To increase the lifespan of your oven and its efficiency, maintain it properly. Taking care of it makes it work longer and get value for your money. Do not forget to maintain the appliance’s body part, both the interior and exterior. It will prevent the repair of your oven in Saddle River NJ.

This article is written to show you how to self-maintain your oven.

It is inevitable to spill food and drinks in the oven when heating. It might be during boiling food, it splatters, or when you try to remove the food. When you have food spillage in the oven, endeavor to clean it immediately.

If you allow it to pass without cleaning, the food spilled would have solidified. It would be a problem to remove and clean. If it were liquids that spilled inside, after a while, it would stain the inside of the oven. It can cause the interior material to corrode. After some time, your oven will look unkempt, rusty, and smell bad. Cleaning it will be extremely hard. In the long run, these may cause it to break down.

Your oven needs regular maintenance to optimize its efficiency.

Oven Maintenance Tips

The oven can self-clean, use it: Many ovens can automatically clean themselves. Do not use the self-maintenance feature and go out. If you don’t know how it works, go over the user’s manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Allow the oven to cool down after use before you clean the interior.

Thoroughly clean the oven: Regular cleaning of the oven should be done after use. Complete cleaning should be done thrice annually. How often you thoroughly clean it depends on how often you use it.

Never leave charred food in the oven, not reheat it. It will reduce the efficiency of your oven and its lifespan. It will cause the oven to smell bad whenever you use it. The burnt smell will affect the smell and flavor of the newly cooked food.

Leave the oven knobs: The knobs are part of the control system of the oven. They are the direct links to the regulator. Removing the knobs and spraying them with cleaning agents is bad. You might be electrocuted whenever you turn on the oven to use the knobs. Therefore, let the knobs be for safety’s sake.

Check the Gas Hose: Buy a new gas hose that connects the oven to the gas cylinder when you buy a new oven. If you are not buying a new oven, always check the gas hose every time before use. If the hose is old, replace it immediately to avoid gas leakage. If gas leaks, it might lead to an explosion, loss of lives and properties.

Check the oven’s electric wire: If your oven is an electric one, always check the electric wire often. Change the wire if it is old. If you are buying a new oven, carefully inspect the electric wire. Replace the new oven with a new one if the wire is damaged. Never try to manage an old or torn wire. A torn or damaged wire can cause electric shock or an electric fire outbreak. This can take lives and properties.

Remove the wire from the socket when cleaning: Using an electric appliance requires careful consideration. Always remove the wire from the plug any time you clean. When you wipe the oven with liquid and leave it plugged, you might electricity yourself. Not only that, the appliance can explode if the liquid mistakenly touches the wires. Let the oven moisture dry completely before you plug it back in for use. You can use a clean towel or wipe to dry the oven. You can also air dry it but this will take a while.

Inspect the burners: Regular inspection of the burner makes you spot any residue, defects, and changes immediately. For example, you have a Viking Oven. You then noticed an area glows more than others. Any slight unusual changes you notice are a sign for you to change the burner(s). A brighter glow can cause electric sparks and burst into flames. Change the burners as soon as possible to prevent fire. It will prevent the repair of Viking Oven in Saddle River NJ.

Be careful when cooking: When you heat up or cook food in the kitchen, be extra careful. Whenever you cook food that might spill over, put a cooking sheet bigger than the bowl underneath. The spilled food or liquid will stay on the coming sheet. It will reduce the accumulation of food in the oven. Nevertheless, should a spill occur, allow the oven to cool down. Clean it up after cooking or heating.

Wipe the oven racks: The racks of an oven are where you place your bowl or container for cooking. Clean the racks completely to remove stains and dust. If you don’t, the racks get rusty and you would have to replace them. You also need to remove the racks to clean the lowermost area of the oven.

Check the door gasket: The gaskets are made of rubber that is around the door of the oven. Gaskets keep the heat inside the oven. They can be worn out due to time and usage. Old gaskets allow heat to escape and the oven will not heat up properly. Buy new gaskets when you notice your food takes too long to heat up.

Clean body of the oven: Wipe the sides, front, and back of your oven. Some food crumbs might have been escaped to the back of the oven. Some might even be stored beneath the oven. Lift the oven and clean the underside and back. Viking Ovens are easy to clean. Cleaning prevents the repair of Viking Oven in Saddle River NJ.


You use your money to buy an oven so take proper care of it to get value for your money. Regular maintenance is a must for optimal performance over a long time. Do not clean the interior and leave the exterior and vice versa. For a gas oven, switch off the gas cylinder when not in use. For an electric oven, remove the electric wire from the socket after use.

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DIY Troubleshooting Tips on How to Maintain Your Dryer

Dryer repair in new york, new city

Dryers are the most utilized home appliances. They are also called washers. They also consume lots of energy. Wearing clean clothes is hygienic and makes you look neat. Dryers wash and dry your clothes thereby saving you time and energy.
You might be puzzled by how long it takes for your dryer to dry your clothes. If it is taking longer than the usual time to dry them, then take note. Do not buy a new one to replace it yet. Do not be in a hurry to call a professional to repair your dryer in New City NY.
Several factors might be responsible for its slow operation.
A damaged dryer affects your washing ritual. A damaged dryer deters the user from washing and increases the number of your unclean garments.
Washers are user-friendly equipment and simple to fix. Clothes Dryers repair in Saddle River NJ is not difficult to do yourself.

Here are do-it-yourself tips on how to repair a dryer in New City NY and maintain your dryer

Inspect the filter of the lint

The filter is the first thing to check when maintaining Clothes Dryers to prevent the repair in Saddle River NJ. The filter prevents the accumulation of dust, cloth lint, and strands of hair. Clear the filter of Clothes Dryers to prevent the repair in New City NY. It should be emptied after each clothes inside have been washed.

A handful of fabric shed more lint than others, an example is socks. Make it a tradition to clean out the lint when you finish each wash and dry. It will maintain your clothes dryer and prevent the repair in New City, NY. It will prevent a fire from breaking out.

Dryer Repair Experts in Saddle River NJ said unclean washers are the major cause of washer fires.


Examine the area where the washer vent leaves the building

To prevent Dryer repair in Saddle River NJ, check the outlets. When a washer operates, a constant, free spurt of warm air goes through the vent opening. There may be a mesh covering spread over it. Peel off the mesh. Failure to remove it may snag the lint, prevent airflow and cause slow drying.
Put in a good door with louvers that can solely be opened when operating the washer.
Tidy up the vent’s innermost layer after cleaning the lint and external part of the outlet. Use a cleaning tool specifically made for cleaning the outlet.

Suppress the length of the vent’s opening

Reduce the vent exist, make it even and small. It will not allow air leaving the washer to be propelled too far or flow through droops. Your expenses and efforts are reduced.

Bind every linkings in the outlet

Shut all outer and inner joints to avoid air leakage and snagging of lines. Cover fasteners to prevent snagging when using the dryer. Use heat-resistant tape because it will not soften like duct tape during heat exposure.

In the US, aluminum duct tape is recommended. Never use a Vinyl exit hose.

Assess the Electric Breaker

Check whether the electrical sockets or gas power is not on. In case of tripping, contact a trained electrical engineer.

Simple dryer problems and how to fix them yourself

Problem: Slightly wet cloth after using the washer

Do notice your garments are warm but a bit wet after using the dryer? Try reducing the cloth load. If the problem persists, then you need to know the cause. Failure to do so might worsen the problem after a while.

Why?: This is due to underheating. The heating component is not working properly enough to dry your garments. Underheating causes are; wear and tear of heating components, dryer overload, dirty lint filter and screen, and inadequate ventilation.

Repair: Buy a new heating component at an electronic store or order online. Buy the component that suits your dryer model. After buying a new one, remove the dryer and rear panel, remove the old one and replace it. You may also put the thermostats on the new heating component. Put back the rear panel, plug the connections and analyze the level of heat.

Problem: Underheating caused by jammed ductwork. Your dirty dryer vent pipe can clog the ductwork.
Solution: Carefully clean the ductwork bimonthly to enable your dryer to work efficiently. The smooth running of your dryer minimizes the threat of fire.


Some damages may be due to old components breaking down due to constant usage.
Check the dryer’s components for wear and tear and replace where necessary.
Get professional help if the dryer is beyond do-it-yourself maintenance.
Find an authorized repairman close to you to get a repair cost appraisal. The appraisal will let you buy new components according to your budget. If the cost is much, it is better to get a new dryer than to waste too much money in repairing the broken down one.

Repair or Replaces Appliances: Which is Better?

Appliances Repair

When our valuable, pricey home appliances stop working or functioning as it should, homeowners are left in the dilemma of whether to get a new one or replace.  A dishwasher that has stopped spinning, a washing machine that doesn’t fill at all, a dryer that overheats. Different things can go wrong with our appliances and they can sometimes break down even before their lifespan expires. Hence, instead of investing in the replacement of a malfunctioning appliance, all you sometimes need is to call in a microwave repair in New City NY or refrigerator repair in New City NY to the appliance function like brand new. Plus, you get to save huge bucks on other necessities. To replace or to repair? Here is an expert take on whether to call in an expert for repair or head over to the store. 

Determine if it is worth putting in the heavy bucks on a replacement

One of the quickest ways to determine if you should go for a replacement or repair is to adopt the 50% rule. This means if an appliance is more than 50% of its lifespan and the cost of repair is also around  50% of the cost of upgrading into a new one. Replacement might be your best bet. 

Although age is an important element, we have, however, seen some appliances in grandmother’s kitchen that are still working well for decades while the 4-5-year-old one got tossed out. Many companies are more into making profits than making products that are durable. However, if the cost of repair tends to be almost the same or more than half of replacement, you might as well go for a replacement. 

Know the appliance life span

The National Association of Home Builders study has made things easier by giving a rough estimate of the expected lifespan of major appliances. Use this to determine how far gone your appliance is in its lifespan and if you should repair or check out for upgrades. You probably don’t want to spend $300 dollars on a microwave that is already 7 years old. 

Air conditioner: 15 years

Dishwasher: 9 years

Dryer: 13 years

Furnace: 15 to 20 years

Garbage disposal: 12 years

Microwave: 9 years

Refrigerator: 13 years

Stove: 13 to 15 years

Washer: 10 years

Water heater: 10 to 20 years

Understand the type of appliance problems that might need repair or replacement

1. Oven 

Repair: you need an expert in Oven repair in New City NY if the oven won’t heat, the light burner won’t turn on or the door won’t shut. 

Replace: if the insides are rusting or the glass door has cracked. Getting a glass door can be difficult and expensive.

2. Stoves

Repair: call in a stove repair in New City NY if you notice inconsistent temperatures, or can’t adjust the heat of the electric stove. 

Replace: if the tempered glass stove has a crack, or the control panel isn’t working. The control panel is one of the most expensive parts and it will better to get a new stove rather than replacing the part. 

3. Washing Machine

Repair: consider repairs if the washer leaks, there are draining problems, or it’s making funny noises

Replace: If the washer won’t spin. Better to get a new one as repair requires the dismantling of the appliance which can be expensive. 

4. Refrigerator

Repair: if the freezer unit is freezing too cold, there is a puddle of water around the fridge, or it is overheating. 

Replace: If the compressor isn’t running. It cost a lot to replace the compressor, instead get a new refrigerator. 

While at it, it is important to understand the place of constant maintenance in ensuring your appliance function optimally and last you for years. Appliances are like cars, if we are not paying them attention with proper maintenance, they can break down.

Still don’t know how to go about it? Call in an expert!

How To Repair Your Cloth Dryer

cloth dryer

A cloth dryer is one of the most important appliances in the home used for drying cloth. They are often lightweight, simple to operate, and saves you the stress of spread drying your cloth. Hence, making sure you have a dry and nice smelling cloth to wear to your work, school, and other important places. When your cloth dryer stops working, you might end up with unwashed piled-up cloth which is not only dangerous to your health when repeated but can also create an unpleasing smell in your home. Fortunately, with the right tools and safety measures, cloth dryer problems can be easily fixed at home by anyone without the help of a professional. While some can be done without opening the cloth dryer, others might require disassembling and reassembling its body which requires the proper knowledge and know-how of an expert. Here are some cloth dryer problems and how to fix them. 

The Cloth Dryer is Noisy

Cloth dryers make noise for different reasons therefore, to identify the problem, you need to first recognize the type f noise your dryer is producing. 

A peeping noise: A peep sound indicates a fault in your dryer’s roller drum bearing which can be stopped by lubricating or replacing it. The bearing is a small rubber wheel and is found within the machine. It can be accessed by opening the dryer at the top and sliding the drum forward. If the noise continues, call a repair top-loading washing machine close to you. 

A high squealing sound: A screeching sound might be due to a faulty idler pulley and need to be replaced. The idler pulley is used to regulate the drum belt tightness. The friction that occurs when the idler pulley is too tight or loose leads to the screeching sound. 

A thumping sound: If a dryer has not been used for a long time, the drum roller rubber often becomes flat leading to unsmooth spinning when the drum rotates. Also, the round drum consistently gives a thumping sound every time it reaches a flat area. The sound can be stopped by replacing the rollers.

A screeching noise: This can be caused by a damaged or worn dryer glide. A glide is a plastic, inexpensive part of a dryer that guides the drum movement on the drum rollers. The dryer glide often wears out after some time therefore, should be replaced as it can not be repaired. To access the dryer glide, remove the bulkhead of the dryer. If the sound persists, search online for washing machine repair near me and talk to them about your cloth dryer noisy sound. 

Dryer Drum Not Spinning

A broken motor, worn out or broken d rive belt can stop the thumbing of cloth in a dryer. The motor and drive belt are inexpensive can be easily replaced. Unplug the dryer and remove its rear panel to check if the belt is worn out, replace the drive belt if has worn out. After replacement, if the noise continues, then the motor is broken. You have to contact a professional clothes dryer repair in Saddle River NJ to help replace your dryer motor. 

Cloth Won’t Dry

After putting your cloth in a cloth dryer, you come back to check them only to realize they are still wet after several complete cycles. This can be caused by a damaged heating element. The dryer will still spin and complete its circle when the heating element is faulty however, it won’t be hot enough to dry the cloth. Also, overloading the dryer, poor ventilation, and a dirty lint screen can speed up the wearing out of the heating element. The heating element can be replaced by unplugging the dryer and removing the connection and its back panel. Contact professional clothes washing machines repair in Saddle River NJ to replace your heating element as they have more experience and are safety cautions. They also know the right model for your dryer.

Cloth Dryer Breaks Down

When you start your dryer and it doesn’t on, it might be due to a bad door switch or broken plunger. The dryer’s door often wears out but constant slamming can speed it up. Contact washing machine repair Saddle River, to help replace your dryer’s plunger. Inadequate electricity or unplugged cords might also be a problem. Check your dryer socket and make sure your electricity is not tripped off. 

Dryer Vent Not Working

This can be due to improper working of the vent cap, or the vent tube is filled with rigid metals or aluminum foils. This can be removed by cleaning the vent tube with a shop vacuum or replacing the entire vent. Clogged lint within the dryer or broken lint filter can also be the culprit. Replacing the dryer filter and unclogging the lint by contacting a  professional Clothes Dryers repair in Saddle River NJ 

Tips on Maintaining Your Dryer


The dryer is one of the most important and useful appliances in the home. Having a failed or dirty dryer can be a huge nuisance. You will either take your bucket full of cloth to dry outside on the line after washing or to a laundromat near you. You probably won’t find any of these options fascinating. This is why it is very important to take care of your dryer and make sure it serves you continuously. If you are like many people that know nothing about dryer maintenance or the ones that live in an apartment where the landlord takes care of issues involving appliances, you probably won’t border about it until you get yours. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you out. You can learn everything you need without stress. And if things get out of hands, call appliance repair service near you, using the appliance repair free service call. Whether you are using a full-size dryer or the combination of both washer and drying, here are tips on maintaining them. 

Read the dryers manual

Manuals are added to every appliance to guide users on how to use them. The manual serves as a primary guide on the installation, load size, and maintenance of the appliance. Following the dryer maintenance manual will educate you on how to use and maintain it. It also makes you avoid breakdown or damages of your dryer. And if you have lost your manual, you can access it online through the company’s website. 

Avoid dryer overload

One of the major causes of dryer breakage is overloading. Every dryer has a minimum capacity. Learn about yours from your manual. Overloading your dryer increases the lint in the lint trap which obstructs the flow of air in the dryer. It also overworks the dryer which often overheats the motor of the dryer. This can result in the dryer burnout. Furthermore, large loads take longer drying time which results in more energy consumption. Plus, it affects the pulley assembly and also harms the dryer’s belt. 

Clean the lint regularly

Continuous use of dryers without cleaning can lead to lint build up on your lint trap which can damage your dryer or lead to a fire outbreak. It is important to make sure it is clean every time you use it.  And you can clean your lint once in a year with a vacuum cleaner. If you cannot do it on your own, appliance repair near me is just a stone throw. Call them and they will help you out with the cleaning  

Change the ventilation duct

Dryers ventilation ducts are often made of aluminum or plastic to make its changes easy and flexible. The duct is not expensive, easy to install, and it is available in your nearest store. A plastic ventilation duct when overheated can damage the dryer. Research has shown that many fire outbreaks in the house involve the washing machine. Therefore, you need to be careful and always replace your ventilation duct. You can also replace it with a metal duct and this can be easily done by a dryer repair service NJ.

Make sure your dryer is stable during use

Dryer instability often leads to improper distribution of load. It can also cause a dryer to fall. Why? Because the unstable position of the dryer causes uneven wear of the machine. This problem can be easily solved by putting your dryer in a flat position or support it underneath with a suitable wood. The manual can also guide you on what to do.

Avoid putting anything in the dryer

Dryers are designed to dry only fabrics and nothing more. Many people put the wrong things such as shoes, wigs, toys, and many more in the dryer. This often damages the dryer. Also, make sure the vent of the dryer is always close when it’s not in use. 

Bottom line

Dryers are estimated to last for 10 years and even to 25 years if maintained properly. However, many users often have problems with their dryers within five years of purchase. We all purchase drying machines with the mindset of lasting for a long time, it is frustrating to take it to the dryer repair services within a year of purchase.  Therefore, it is necessary to always clean and maintain our dryer regularly to keep it safe and effective. Constant use of the dryer often results in lint build-up in the lint trap which can make the dyer ineffective and prone to fire. hence, always clean your lint filter and wash out any spills. Also, clean the vent of your dryer at least once in a year. However, if you notice any issue with your dryer, you can call dryer repair service NY. They are professionals that will put in their expertise to get your dryer up and running. 

Your Ultimate Refrigerator Buying Guide


Gone are the days of just strolling into a store and picking a refrigerator that catches your fancy.

With the highly competitive market, manufacturers are going the extra mile to reinvent ones that meet consumers’ increasing needs and expectations. your personality, lifestyles, interior decor, energy efficiency, safety, sanitation, and many more.

This then comes with countless models, designs, and styles. however, it can get complicated, difficult, and overwhelming to choose. The point is purchasing one is a huge investment and you just aren’t leaving it to luck, you have to get it right.

If you are finding it hard to make a choice, let us walk you through some of the essentials to buying a refrigerator and the pitfalls to avoid.

Things to consider when buying a refrigerator

Here are the important factors to consider when buying a refrigerator

The type of refrigerator that suits your needs

Refrigerators are mammoth but they aren’t monolithic. They come in different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes while serving different purposes. This is to say when considering which one to buy, first, understand the type that you need so that your bucks wouldn’t be wasted on the that fails to meet your needs. There are:

Refrigerators are mammoth but they aren’t monolithic. They come in different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes while serving different purposes. This is to say when considering which one to buy, first, understand the type that you need so that your bucks wouldn’t be wasted on the that fails to meet your needs. There are:

Top-freezer refrigerators are a pretty basic appliance to keep food fresh but not enough space for a lot of frozen items. A good option if you want to save space with narrow door swings, you are on a tight budget, and you care less about extra and style.

The bottom freezer has the freezer located at the bottom and it comes in different sizes. if you want fresher items and more rooms for frozen items, this could be a good option. it, however, requires some bending and reaching.

Side-by-sides have narrow door swings with the fridge at one side and freezer on the other. It has large storage capacity and often includes ice and water dispensers. If you are a large family that requires more features, this is a perfect option.

A French door combines side by side and bottom freezer. It is quite expensive as some come in the most advanced features. If you want on the extra and you don’t mind spending more, this type might be right for you.

Built-in refrigerator costs the most, as it sits stylishly with the other cabinets to give a more streamlined and uniformed profile. A more sleek, sophisticated type.

Top-freezer refrigerators are a pretty basic appliance to keep food fresh but not enough space for a lot of frozen items. A good option if you want to save space with narrow door swings, you are on a tight budget, and you care less about extra and style.

The bottom freezer has the freezer located at the bottom and it comes in different sizes. if you want fresher items and more rooms for frozen items, this could be a good option. it, however, requires some bending and reaching.

Side-by-sides have narrow door swings with the fridge at one side and freezer on the other. It has large storage capacity and often includes ice and water dispensers. If you are a large family that requires more features, this is a perfect option.

A French door combines side by side and bottom freezer. It is quite expensive as some come in the most advanced features. If you want on the extra and you don’t mind spending more, this type might be right for you.

Built-in refrigerator costs the most, as it sits stylishly with the other cabinets to give a more streamlined and uniformed profile. A more sleek, sophisticated type.

The space your refrigerator will fit in

You don’t want to end with a refrigerator that is too big for your home. A good rule of thumb is to measure the space to put in the refrigerator before stepping out to make a purchase. Leave extra space for ventilation and ensure you can open the fridge without any hindrance. Check the door to see if it doesn’t open in the wrong direction of your home layout.

The layout of the refrigerator

Another important thing to consider is the capacity you need and storage. If you have the extra hungry mouth, or you keep lot of frozen items, make sure to select an appliance with more space capacity and features. Consider the size of the family or the number of people the refrigerator is meant for. Don’t also forget that it has to fit perfectly into its space. It’s all about balance.

Check out the energy cost

Today’s refrigerators are more energy-efficient than the older models, thanks to the improvements in technology. With this, you will be able to save energy and save money in the process. However, not all brands are the same and they don’t offer the same efficiency in energy. Before making a purchase, check the energy star rating to know what the refrigerator is made of. You can also use the Energy Star guide to know the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Questions to ask when buying a refrigerator

Here are the questions to ask yourself before going ahead to make that huge purchase.

What’s your budget?

For some, the budget is a great deal when making a huge purchase. There are various options available at a different price range and you might want to consider your needs while budgeting. Although more expensive, there are bigger refrigerators that are quite great especially for larger families. There are also basic top freezer if you are on a strict budget. Also, there are smart ones on a higher end.

What features you can’t do without?

See it as buying a particular model that you prefer, and looking for other extras that are most important to you. We are talking about extra fresh food storage, ones you can control the humidity and temperature, some with dedicated compartments for meats or cheese, those with locks for child safety, waterfalls, ice dispensers. Maybe you don’t mind a smart refrigerator with more control options to add to your smart home.

Do color and finishing matter?

As much as other important factors such as size and features come into play, you might not want to ignore the importance of color and finish while choosing one that complements your decor. When it comes to color and finish, Stainless steel tops the list with its neutral, classy look, although more expensive. There is also standard black and white color including whirlpool refrigerator collection that can appeal to you. You probably just love a striking design or one that complements other appliances. You might prefer one that matches your decor or a refrigerator that is more neutral. It all stems back to your choice.

Garbage Compactor Repair Tips

garbage compactor

A garbage compactor has become a great addition to many homes and its importance cannot be overestimated. Not only do homeowners not have to take the trash out very often, but it can also help save space and keep the trash confined and neat. Here is one appliance that can reduce the volume of your garbage by 80%. Bye to a trashy, dirty space,. However, if anything goes wrong with this appliance, it is an invitation to smelly odor and trashy space. What are the common problems and how can one carry out a garbage compactor troubleshooting? How can these problems be fixed? Here is a simple guide with detailed instructions on how to get your trash compactor up and running.

Garbage compactor jammed or ram is stuck:

A lot of things can be the reasons why the garbage compactor jammed or the ram got stuck in the down position preventing you from opening the trash compactor drawer.

Main causes: faulty drive gear, a problem with the directional shift, damaged power nuts


Inspect the drive gear for any defective parts, get it replaced and lubricate with grease. Don’t forget to check the motor drive to ensure it is in good shape.

If the problem persists, it might be the directional switch. The directional switch contact can become close or open causing the ram to become stuck at the bottom. You may need to check the directional switch with a multimeter for continuity. Use an electrical schematic to know the proper terminals to check.

Power nuts that have seen better days can also become worn or damaged and this can also be the reason for the ram to be stuck. Replace if broken and lubricate it.

Garbage compactor won’t start:

If your trash compactor won’t start, any of these can be defective or damaged.

Main causes: damaged start switch, bad drive motor, defective directional switch.


If the switch is corroded or damaged, it may not provide continuity and the compactor won’t start. Check the continuity of your switch using a multimeter and get it replaced if defective.

However, if there is continuity, the drive motor could be the culprit. Check if the wiring connections are loosed and reconnect it. Check the motor windings and centrifugal switch for continuity using a multimeter. It should normally measure no resistance in the centrifugal switch and few ohms of resistance in the motor windings. If otherwise, the motor drive is damaged and needs to be replaced.

If the motor drive is ok, check for continuity on the top limit and directional switch. If it m, measures infinite resistance, it is faulty. Get it replaced. You don’t know how to check the continuity? Go through your garbage compactor manual guide if you still have it.

If your compactor works with a foot pedal for activation of the start switch, see if the mounting screws of the foot pedal are loose or damaged. Tighten if loosed, replace if damaged.

Lastly, check if the problem lies with the door switch, if the door is defective, the compactor won’t start as it assumes the door is opened when you close it.

Garbage compactor makes unusual noise:

If your trash compactor is making unusual noise such as thumping, whining, or banging, many things might be the reasons. Troubleshoot some of these to make repairs easier.

Main causes: power nuts( trunnion nuts ), faulty drive gear, the problem with motor gear, faulty directional or top limit switch, bad motor drive


Turn off the power unit to locate the motor gear. The gear usually contains plastic teeth that can be damaged or broken hence, producing the unusual noise. Replace the teeth if damaged and apply grease for lubrication.

Check the directional switch /top limit with multi-meter to know the continuity. To get it checked, first turn off the compactor and remove the switch from the cabinet. Then, unscrew the top panel and verify to ensure that the tab on the ram is properly positioned with the switch lever for activation

Sometimes the problem might be with the power nuts. If the power nuts are dry, apply grease to get it lubricated. If damaged or stripped, get it replaced

If the drive gear is also loose, it can make your compactor produce annoying sounds. Try tightening the mounting nut or set screw if loose.

Garbage compactor drawer is hard to open/close

Are you finding it hard to open/close the garbage compactor drawer? Defective drawer rollers are most times the problem. Follow this guide to troubleshoot the problem and repair

Main causes: defective foot pedals, faulty drawer rollers


Check the rollers beneath the compactor to see if it is supporting properly and moving easily. Lubricate it if dried or get it removed if damaged.

Inspect the foot pedal for any damage. If there is any, go ahead and replace it

If any of these problems still persist, a trash compactor repair near me is only a google away. Get an experienced appliance repairer to get your trash compactor in the utmost condition and enjoy the convenience of compactor all day.

Oven Repair: To DIY or Hire a Professional Service

oven repair

Ovens, refrigerators, or whatever appliances it is are there to make life easier and a mere breakdown of any of these can alter the day’s activities. So your oven stopped while preparing dinner or you have a guest coming over the weekend and your oven wouldn’t just cooperate, it happens. The question is, should I call an expert or should I put my DIY skills to good use? While some might only require a simple cleaning of the oven or a simple check on the power supply, others might require the magic hands of an oven repair service to get it done. Moreover, getting it done yourself sure saves some bucks but some might be quite dangerous to handle alone. A call through oven repair in Rockland County will save you stress, time and danger.

When to DIY?

Some basic oven problems do not require an expert. It might simply be cleaning the panel of the oven or checking out the plugs. Here are some oven repair problems that can save you some money. While at it, ensure you have the required skills, knowledge and the confidence to approach the problems and get the oven repaired. A rule of thumb never attempts to repair the oven without disconnecting the oven and turning off the gas in case of a gas oven.

Crazed oven glass door

This might be as a result of poor maintenance. To do this, remove the glass door, prepare a warm water and soap solution, soak a dishtowel inside and clean it up. Leave it to dry and use glass cleaner to wipe it. When dried, put the door back.

Oven door refuses to open or shot

For a door that refuses to open, switch off the oven and allow it cool off for a while. If the door won’t budge, it’s time for self-cleaning. Try a self-clean cycle of 15 mins, leave it to cool off and try opening the door again.

A door that refuses to shot can lead to heat loss which can lead to injury. If you are using a gas oven, turn off the gas before repairing the door. Remove the door to see if the hinges are the source of the problems. If the hinges or springs are old, replace them with new ones. If the problem persists, contact a gas oven repair service.

An oven that will not heat to the right temperature

Each time you cooked or baked, your cakes always appear undone or your food always get overcooked, the temperature might not be correct. This only requires pressing some buttons and a user’s manual is your friend.

The problem continues, you might be having a damaged temperature sensor that needs to be replaced. If all these don’t work out, it requires an oven repair service.

Why you need to hire a pro?

  • You cannot figure out the exact problem of the gas oven.
  • Some problems appear simple but there are hidden problems that are life-threatening. You don’t want to put the life of your loved ones at the mercy of a simple mistake.
  • An oven you forgot to put off while rushing to run an errand might have gathered up electricity which might shock you
  • An inexperienced repair of home appliances can cost you more money. You might have caused more harm than good while trying to fix the problem.
  • Oh… you think your oven just stop self-cleaning? There might be something more.
  • Health, life, and safety overall!

When to hire a pro?

You need a professional oven repair in Rockland County when this happens to your oven.

The oven light is not coming up
If it is just a problem with the bulb, this can be replaced just as easy as you replace the house bulbs. However, if this does not seem to work out, it can be some electrical issues, damaged light switch or connecting wires. Sounds dangerous? Contact an expert in oven repair in Rockland County.

An oven that stops self-cleaning

Ensuring the oven door is shut tightly is one way to averse this problem as an oven will not self-clean if the door is not properly locked. However, if the problem persists, then it can be a faulty door lock system, temperature sensor, damaged control board, clock failure and a host of others. This requires the work of expertise and should not be handled by yourself.

An oven that refuses to turn on

Need to bake some goodies and your oven won’t just come up? Culprits might be a faulty fuse, temperature sensor, the heating element and a host lot of others that a DIYer might not know of. An electric oven repair cost is nothing to the electric shock and the danger involved in getting it done.

Moreover, if yours is a gas oven, either the gas valve, igniter or broken wire is to be held responsible. Contact an experienced gas oven repair service to get it done without hassle.

Having any problem with your appliances or your oven still, seem not to work? Appliance Repair Medic is just a phone call away for all your oven repair in Rockland County.

How Can You Take Care of Your Refrigerator

refrigerator maintenance tips

Refrigerators are one of the frequent household appliances to be used in the kitchen today. Also, it is one of the most obstinate working appliances that run 24 hours a day.

From preserving food and sustaining the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, a fridge or a refrigerator is a companion indeed. But do you ever thought about your refrigerator maintenance?

If no, then the below mentioned are some of the refrigerator maintenance tips that will help you to keep your refrigerator in a more vigorous shape.

Check the door seals

A refrigerator is a device that is often opened and closed in order to get stuff in and out. And due to such an impulsive use, the door seals of the refrigerator may get loose. Which will result in the cool air to trickle out, exhausting energy and letting your fridge work harder than it requires to?

So make sure that you keep a decent check on the door seals. And to avoid such a situation, clean them thrice a year by using a decorous brush and a liquid consisting of baking soda and water. Also, one can do various tests to check them out. And after tests, if you figure out that the door slips out easily then you may need to call up a professional. If you are in NY then you may call up the Refrigerator repair NY.

Clean the Coils

Since the coils are located at the bottom of the back of the refrigerator, it is obvious that you won’t give them a check. But checking them out, cleaning them and removing the dust out of them will help your refrigerator to work more efficiently with less consumption of energy.

Cleaning the coils may take up some time – all you need to do is remove the screws and let the coils out. Also, one can purchase a cleaning kit or may use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Apart from the coils, also clean the condenser fan.

If you find that you haven’t cleaned your refrigerator’s coils for years, then you must need some help from the professionals of the appliance repair NY.

Set The Right Temperature

Setting up the right temperature can also help you out in refrigerator maintenance. Keep in mind that set the temperature of your fridge in between 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit, this temperature will allow the foods and other materials in the fridge to stay healthy and preserved for a long period of time.

Also, remember to keep the temperature of the freezer between 0 to -1 Fahrenheit in order to get better freezing.

Check the Gasket

If you examine that the cool air is seeping out or escaping from the fridge, then have a check at the gasket. Because it may make harder for your fridge to maintain the right temperature if the gasket id damaged.

Also, it will consume more energy than required.  If you find that the gasket is damaged or worsened, make sure to replace it instantly. For added refrigerator care, try to wash or clean the gasket regularly, so that you can get a better outcome from your refrigerator.

Change Filters

If you desire that your fridge runs efficiently for a long period of time, then make sure you change the filters of it at an appropriate time. Some peoples do not know that the refrigerators and water purifiers consist of filters that need to be changed.

So be careful about it, also, one can use the user’s manufacturer guide for such replacements.

So these were some of the tips that can help you to maintain your refrigerator on time. And if you face any kind of difficulty, while fixing your fridge then refrigerator repair NY can be the best option for you.