Tips On How To Get Your Air Conditioner(AC) Ready For Summer

Air condition repair

It’s that time of year! The time when the temperature rises and there is the need for one to run the air conditioner for hours every day. So you put on your AC only to  find out your air conditioner isn’t working on a hot day of summer. This might be as a result of the air conditioner sitting idle for months during the cold winter collecting debris. Now will be a better time to improve the performance of your air conditioner by checking if there will be a need for maintenance or repair before the weather becomes unbearable.

Maintenance of your air conditioner will make it run effectively because the cooling and heating system are made up of components that can wear or tear. Check to see if any moving parts need to be lubricated, leaking refrigerant or loose bolts. You can always get a professional to help you out with the maintenance in case you don’t know anything about the air conditioner. In this post, we just want to look at some tips that help you get your air conditioner ready and running this summer.

Clean The Condensation Pipe

There is a pipe in the air conditioner that carries condensation away which can get clogged. The clogging of this pipe can result in a bigger problem and costly repair as it can back up into the air conditioner or your house. What you want to do to avoid any problem is to locate the pipe and ensure it’s draining properly. And if there is any clog in the pipe, you want to get rid of it before the summer heat begins.

Replace The Filters

One of the easiest ways to maintain your air conditioner is by replacing the filters every month or two for the effective running of your AC, which many people fail to do often. You can buy or order new filters and ensure the old ones are replaced with them before the hot summer. Or get someone to help you with the buying of the right filters and replacing them. 

Look For Disconnected joints Or Leaks In Your Ductwork

Inspect the ductwork to see if there are disconnected joints or leaks in the ductwork. And if there is any leakage or disconnected joints ensure you seal them. Ducts leaking causes your air conditioner system to work much harder than usual and also makes you spend more as a result. Avoid using rubber-backed and fabric tapes to seal any leakage found on your ductwork because they don’t last that much.

Upgrade Your Thermostat or Install Programmable one

You should consider getting a thermostat if you don’t have one and should upgrade yours if it is old already. Based on the recommendation by professionals, thermostats are to be replaced every ten years and with programmable thermostats, you can even save significantly on energy. As it helps you to reduce the use of the air conditioning when not needed. Good thing is that with a couple of tools you can easily install these thermostats yourself.

Get The Fins Clean

The fins on the outside unit should be clean to get the best out of your AC. To clean the fins is easy all you need is a soft brush or a small car cleaning brush. Once you have the brush run it gently across each fin and make sure the thin metal is not bent. There are various tools to straighten the thin metal in case there is any damage to any of the thin metal fins.

Get Rid of Any Debris Around The Outside Unit And Clean the Coils

Your AC has been sitting idle during the winter for a long time due to which it has been collecting leaves, plants, dust and other debris. All these will reduce the performance of your AC when needed. 

You want to get rid of the leaves, plants, debris and anything that may block the outside unit before you start using your air conditioner. If you don’t use a cover then the unit will have been clogged with mud, dust and others that will make your AC not function well. To clean the mud you can use a garden hose and just spray down the unit if it is lightly soiled but get a commercial air conditioner cleaner for a heavily soiled unit.

Also, it is recommended you check the unit for debris during summer at least once every month for high performance.


Most of the maintenance and cleaning tasks to ensure the effective operation of your air conditioner for summer can be done yourself. However, if you don’t have much time on your hands, you can make use of the service of a professional. But with consistency in maintenance, you can keep the need for professional service to a minimum.