How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner to Get Maximum Efficiency

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Air Conditioner (AC) are must-haves in the house. They are useful during the summers when the environment is hot. AC’S cools the rooms and makes the occupant feel comfortable.

Many AC users have neglected to maintain their appliances. The poor conditions of the ACs make it hard for them to work properly. Some people continue to use ACs that are too old. This makes the devices break down. They can even stop working.

If your AC is old, there are ways to maintain it. Good maintenance makes it work longer. This article will show you how to take care of your AC. If it has a problem, it will tell you how to fix it.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Start Capacitors: These are parts of the AC. They are like batteries that operate a car. It gives power to the AC. Do not use too much power on AC compressors. It will affect your electricity usage. For instance, a bad compressor dims your home light when it is on.

AC Capacitors store energy used to start the AC compressors. When you turn on the compressors, capacitors start running. They transfer energy to the condensers and compressors smoothly. If the capacitors do not start, the compressors will have problems. The compressors can stop working or work poorly. Compressors work with the AC coolant to circulate air around. The coolant is responsible for producing air to cool the room. Capacitors can stop working when the heat level is too much. It does not mean that the whole parts of the AC have problems. Once they stop working, buy a new one. New capacitors are cheap in the market. Do not hesitate to buy a new one. This will prevent the whole AC from overheating.

Faulty AC Coolant: All ACs have coolants or refrigerants. They can be found in the middle of the condensers and the evaporators. Condensers and evaporators are the main parts of it. They work hand in hand to give air to the room. All the AC components depend on pressure to work. The pressure level determines how much air to produce. Too much or too little pressure will spoil the components. It will decrease the air that AC produces. There are leakages in the refrigerants when they are corroded. If you do not install them properly, they can leak too. It is not easy to find leaks on refrigerants. Most leaks show when other problems occur. Other problems you might notice are; high humid air or room is not as cool as you want. Switch off your AC when you notice leaks. Call for professional help immediately. A leak can lead to other issues in the AC. It can cause other parts of the AC to break down. When this happens, it will be expensive to fix. The expert repairman can find the leaks and solve the problem for you.

Faulty Compressors: Compressors are costly and important parts of the AC’S. Compressors have problems due to wear and tear. Long use also makes them faulty. Compressors are made to last as long as the AC. If you don’t maintain them properly, compressors can fail early. Do not use ACs that have faulty refrigerants. Ensure that the air filters of the ACs are not blocked. You can only replace compressors if your AC has a user warranty. If you don’t have a warranty, buy a new AC. Do not bother to replace the compressors because they are expensive. The cost of repair and the cost of a new compressor is higher than the cost of a new AC. Find a good repair center to evaluate your AC and repair it.

Do Not Open Your Door and Windows: When you turn on your AC, close any door or window in the room. This will prevent the cold air in the room from going out. Opened doors or windows will allow outside heat to enter the room. That means the AC will work more than normal to cool the room. If you need natural air in the room, switch off the AC. You can use curtains to cover the doors and windows. This will reduce the heat that can come in.

AC Filters: You can regularly change AC filters or clean them. This will improve the work of the AC. Filters full of dirt give out air full of dust. Then the ACs have to work more than normal. This will increase your electricity and decrease the work of the AC. When you buy a new filter, the AC will consume low energy.

Inspect the filters often to prolong the life of your Air Conditioner. Clean any dust or dirt in the filters.

Take Care of The Vents: Clean the vent to remove dust, debris, and dirt. It will optimize the work of your AC. Do not wait until the vent is blocked before you clean it. The vents will release clean air when you do this.

Thermostats Installation: Never install your thermostats in hot areas. Do not put them near devices that produce heat like cookers, stoves. The place you put your thermostats will affect how your conditioner works. If your window is exposed to sunlight, do not place the thermostats there. External areas that produce heat will affect the room temperature. You will not be able to correctly read the hotness of the room. Once you put the thermostats in hot areas, they have to produce more air than necessary. They will try to cook the room while absorbing the surrounding heat. Then the Air Conditioner will overwork and break down quickly. Your electricity bills will increase because the AC consumes more power. So install your thermostats in cool areas.

Control The Cooling Level of Your House: There is a system that zones the air in the room. It will reduce or increase the air according to the heat in each room. This will reduce the amount of energy the AC consumes.

Check Your AC Constantly For Repairs: Set aside a specified time to maintain your conditioner. Have a skilled repairman check your Air Conditioner at least twice a month. This will enhance its work and save you money.


Learn to look out for these signs that show you need to examine your Air Conditioner. If your utility bill has increased then check your appliances. If you notice that the compressors make strange sounds. Or if they have ice on them, it is time to inspect them. If your AC turns off and off often, then call a repairman. Early detection saves time and money.