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If you are one of many consumers that have had problems with Maytag washers, your specific issue may be fairly common. If you are in the market for a new washing machine, getting in the know about what some of the major issues are with certain brands can help you make a good selection. Online consumer rating sites give shoppers the opportunity weed out those units that are known to be troublesome to their owners. One of the most common complaints regarding Maytag washer involves issues of mold and mildew. When these are present in the washing machine they are odorous and unpleasant. There can be a foul smell in both the unit itself and in the surrounding areas. In cold water washes, it can distribute this less than stellar aroma to delicate fabrics and dark items, making it difficult to get laundry that is clean and fresh smelling. Appliance Repair Medic technicians are factory trained and certified by most all manufacturers and annually trained for Maytag Washer repair. We have in-depth knowledge of the product you own. We have greater access to hard-to-find parts through our real-time, computerized program that we use while we’re in your home and repairing your Maytag Washer. We also carry a wide variety of parts right on the truck to complete the repair right away. Maytag Washing Machine problems:

Maytag Washer won’t spin

If the washer won’t spin the lid switch assembly might be defective. This is a very common problem. The lid switch assembly can fail either mechanically or electrically. Test any electrical switches with an Ohm meter for continuity. The switches should have continuity according to their design. Call Appliance Repair Medic today to repair these kinds of problems.

Maytag Washer is making a loud noise

If the washer is making a loud noise the tub bearing might need to be replaced. This is a very involved repair and will require disassembling most of the washer. The manufacturer recommends that if possible the complete outer tub and bearing be replaced rather than attempting to replace just the bearing in the tub. If the bearing is bad the problem is going to get worse very quickly and so either the drum and bearing will need to be replaced or the washing machine. So In this case you can call Appliance Repair Medic for your Maytag Washer repair.

Maytag Washer won’t agitate

If the washer won’t agitate this agitator repair kit may solve the problem. The kit contains the components that wear out over time. This is a relatively easy repair. Call Appliance Repair Medic today to repair these kinds of problems.

Maytag Washer won’t drain

If the washer won’t drain the pump belt might have broken or might have worn out. Check the belt and replace it if it shows signs of excessive wear. Call Appliance Repair Medic today to repair these kinds of problems.

Maytag Washer fills slowly

If the washer fills very slowly, the water pressure from the house might be too low. If the pressure is good, try cleaning the screens inside the water inlet valve hose connection ports. If those are clean replace the water inlet valve. Call Appliance Repair Medic today to repair these kinds of problems.

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