Q. What does Appliance repair medic do when you call for service?
A. Appliance Medic repairs and services most of all major household appliances. ?When you call for repair or questions on any appliance or on a common problem?? Believe it or not, but we will try to help you solve the problem over the phone before scheduling an appointment to come down to your place.

Q. Should I repair or replace my malfunctioning appliance?
A. Generally older appliances are stronger and can take the work long-lasting than the newer product being made today. Fancy modern models have wonderful features, but it needs more maintenance and repair than their older appliances. It is a smart thing to get an estimate for repair before replacing the appliance. Most appliance repairs are much less than half the cost of replacement, and if you call appliance medic we will gladly go to your place and check out you appliance and tell you if it pays to repair it. Typically up to 90% of people will choose to repair vs replace when a technician checks out their appliance.

Q. Is there a problem or bad to use softener sheets in your dryer ?
A. Softener sheets will not cause any physical damage to your dryer, but when you use these sheets it can clog the lint filters or the moisture sensor and the dryer will stop heating . If you like to use them, make sure to always keep the lint screen clean and wash it with warm water and wipe off your sensor with a dry cloth