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Why You Need to Hire a Professional for Appliance Repair Services

Home appliances are great technologies used in the house and are designed to help reduce stress in the home. It’s no surprise that many people are more dependent on those appliances now than ever. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to prevent them from damaging, and sadly, they stop working when you need them the most.  Therefore, it is important to seek professional assistance from home appliance repair services rather than doing it yourself. 

Contacting a full-service appliance repair will prevent you from stressing out because you know your appliance is in good hands and will up and running in no time. Moreover, you are rest-assured, it won’t be breaking down only after few months of usage causing you other trips to home appliance services. If you are the DIYer one, you might as well put down those skills when it comes to home appliances and let the expert perform their magic. Here are some reasons to convince you to contact a professional home appliances repair service for your home appliance.  

It saves time

We all have our schedule and our time is very important to us. Fixing your home appliance yourself takes a lot of time and you might end up damaging it. An expert will access your appliance and quickly repair it. They also have the essential tools and parts needed for the repair. This will save time and allow you to spend your precious time with your loved ones.  

You get the best result

Fixing your home appliance yourself will only give you a temporary result and the problem will start again after some time. Hiring a professional is the best option. They know what they are doing and always make sure the problem is resolved permanently. This makes your appliance work effectively thereby, reducing your workload in the house. Also, professionals have spent many years developing their skills therefore, they provide optimum customer satisfaction. 

They give you a warranty

Using the DIY method to fix major appliances in the home such as washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, and many more can void your warranty if you end up not being able to fix the problem. Also, fixing the problem temporarily results in a total waste of money and time because the problem will resurface after a few days. In most cases, you need to completely replace the part. A professional full-service appliance repair gives you a warranty over the repaired part. And if anything happens to the appliance, they will take care of it immediately. 

It is safe

Most of the home appliances use electricity and have components that break because of electricity issues. You can put yourself in danger such as electric shock, cuts, fire outbreaks, and many if you are not trained to repair such appliances. Home appliances repair services are trained professionals who know what to avoid to prevent dangerous situations. They have great experience in the field therefore, they can be trusted. Also, never try to repair something you do not know about because it can lead to injury. Your safety is important. 

It is convenient

Not only is it safe to hire a professional home appliance repair services, but it is also convenient. Doing it yourself will cost you several hours as you need to first troubleshoot the problem and then look for the best way to resolve the problem. It can also lead to frustration especially if it’s your first time handling such repair. But hiring a professional saves a lot of effort and you are confident about the result.  

It saves money

When your home appliance stop working, it does not necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. It might just need to be repaired and replacing some missing or damaged parts can restore it. This saves you from purchasing a brand new one.

Easy DIY Dryer Repair NY Tips That Anyone Can Try

dryer repair

For maximum people, the intention of repairing an appliance by themselves implores up perceptions of doubt and inability. So the term ‘DIY appliance repair‘ may not appear that appealing. Whether this a reasonable alternative depends a lot on whatever is incorrect with our appliance. Determining whatever your intricacy is will assist you, even if you choose to call someone to arrive and retaliate it. But, if you understand the dryer repair NY or appliance repair NYC guide below-mentioned then it can save you from having useless items sold to you during the repair.

When Does ‘DIY Appliance Repair’ Make Sense?

Hereabouts are some ‘Pro’s’ and ‘Con’s’ mentioned to attempt fixing or repairing a machine yourself. In the end, it is up to you to choose. Have a glance at the list and perceive what you conceive.


Many renovations can be succeeded for simply the ‘amount of the components’ and some of your time, Some restorations, don’t even require any parts, No one will have to be at the house to meet the repairman, No concern about being sold things that you don’t need, You can save within $100 and $500 on an individual repair.


Might be you may not be able to wrestle with heavy appliances or machines, You may get confused in order to find the actual problem, you may not be prepared to determine the parts, or buy them even if you spot them, Some repairs that necessitate specific instruments that are costly to buy and absurd to be on hand.

Dryers generally are simple machines that intake fuel to liquefy air and a motor and fan to sweep it around. So here are some of the top appliance repair NYC tips mentioned below that can help you to save money.

What to do if a dryer isn’t starting

If the dryer is unable to start don’t panic, first of all, check out that is it properly plugged or not. Plugs generally get knocked loose by pets or fallen objects. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next item on this checklist. If you find that it is plugged properly, then the next step would be checking your basic home electrical box to see if a fuse has miscarried or a circuit breaker has kicked. If you have a gas dryer be assured that the pilot light is lit and that you have a sufficient supply of gas if the dryer is stoked with fluid propane. Both electric and gas dryers demand 240 volts to run. Dryer power cords can also fail. Inspect the voltage and restore it if required.

Even, if the power supply is adequate and the dryer isn’t working still then, there may be a possibility that your thermal fuse in the dryer control panel is damaged. Often, the thermal fuse blows due to overheating. So just replace the fuse with the new one. You can easily find such types of fuses in the market and they are even less costly than other components. In case if you find difficulty in replacing it then you can check out the top appliance repair NYC reviews on YouTube.

Dryer not heating

Does your dryer take too long-drawn to dry garments or discontinued running collectively? Your thermostat may be a blunder. Your dryer is managed by a complicated arrangement of a thermostat to regulate the temperature and counter-fire. Regrettably, they’re also often the first part of a machine to break. Even something as mild as a congested vent or an overfull filter can blow the thermostat. Fortunately, you can buy a new dryer thermostat for less than $15 at a parts store. The installation is just as manageable. Communicating a service professional to repair a thermostat would run you within $150 and $200. Replacing it yourself conserves anywhere from $100 to $195 and the headache of a service call.

Dishwasher not draining

If you observe that your dryer is not draining or overfills, you may have a clogged drain. The system or the arrangements of the drainage system in a dryer is very complicated. Though, sometimes a part of meals goes into the primary filter and grows attached in the drain pipe. Fortunately, the restoration requires utterly nothing and can be accomplished with approximately little DIY knowledge. First, separate the underneath panel beneath the door by removing the bolts securing it in position. You’ll typically find the drain hose near the pump beneath the lower spray arm. Detach the hose by separating the clip retaining it in position and terminate for any difficulty. If you can’t get the barrier loose, working using some water to help clear the trash. Reconnect the hose and substitute the panel.

Sometimes, a sewer pipe converts damaged following prolonged use. If it has a hole or exhibits other indications of disrepair, you’ll need to reinstate it. Detach the pipe from the pump and reconnect the new hose utilizing the clamps. One can also, get help from the professionals of the New York appliance repair. 

See? Who said Dryer repair NY was only for the diehard DIYers? We challenge you to try one of these repairs today!

Do You Know How To Fix Maytag Oven Error Codes? A Must Read

Do You Know How To Fix Maytag Oven Error Codes

In the event that you have an error code on a Maytag oven, you might be on the chase to discover what the code implies. Maytag oven mistake codes are copious yet they do give accurate data.

We’ve incorporated a rundown of basic blunder codes, what they mean, and what to do to determine the issue when they are shown. When you require an authorized professional for Maytag repair or any other appliance repair in NY, Appliance repair medic is here to help.

How to Resolve Maytag Oven Error Codes

The Maytag oven error codes are particular to the model oven you possess. Here you will see common codes that correspond with different models to make your search easy.

Gemini Range

F1:- 1 through F1:- 4 are “runaway” codes alarming you that the upper and lower broiler (separately) is surpassing the cook or clean temperature you have set. The codes following are likewise demonstrating an issue with the temperature sensor.

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1:-1- Upper Runaway Cook
Error Code F1:-2 – Lower Runaway Cook
Error Code F1:-3 – Upper Runaway Clean
Error Code F1:-4 – Lower Runaway Clean
Error Code F1:-L – Oven temperature sensor, Track, Control
Error Code F3:-1 – Oven temperature sensor, Upper Oven
Error Code F3:-2 – Oven temperature sensor, Lower Oven

Resolution – Check temperature sensor and replace if you find it necessary

Error Code F1:-5 through F1:-8 are keypad codes.

Error Code F1:-5 – Keypad cancel upper
Error Code F1:-6 – Keypad cancel lower
Resolution – Check keypad, replace if fundamental
Error Code F1:-7 – Keypad disconnected
Resolution – Check wiring between the keypad and electric range control (ERC)
Error Code F1:-8 – Keypad shorted

Resolution – Check if moisture is getting into clock assembly – replace keypad if necessary

Note: Whether you are looking for Maytag washer repair or Maytag Oven repair, it is important to know the configuration of the particular model.

Coming up next are Maytag oven error codes for the entryway switch and lock switch congregations on the upper and lower broilers. The entryway hook is the “arm” that bolts the broiler entryway shut. The entryway switch actuates the entryway bolt engine to keep the broiler entryway from being opened amid the cleaning cycle.

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1: -A – Upper latch switch
Error Code F1: -A – Lower latch switch

Resolution – Check door latch switches, replace if fundamental

Error Code F1:-C – Upper door switch
Error Code F1:-D – Lower door switch

Resolution – Check door switch, replace if fundamental

Error Code F9:-1 – Latch lock upper
Error Code F9:-2 – Latch, unlock upper
Error Code F9:-3 – Latch both upper
Error Code F9:-4 – Latch, lock lower
Error Code F9:-5 – Latch unlock lower
Error Code F9:-6 – Latch, both lower

Resolution – Check for an obstruction in the door lock mechanism

ERC (Electronic Range Control) codes need immediate repair

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1:-E – EEPROM, Control
Error Code F1:-H – EEPROM, Read, Control

Resolution – Repair Electronic Range Control (ERC)

Other Maytag Ranges

As with other Maytag oven error codes, the following codes indicate problems with the ERC, touchpads, or temperature sensor.

Error Code & Meaning
Error Code F0 – Function key stuck
Error Code F1 – Defective touch pad or membrane
Error Code F7 – Replace touch pad or repair ERC
Resolution – Replace touch pad or repair ERC
Error Code F5 – Hardware and watchdog circuits disagree
Error Code F8 – Analog/Digital supervisory
Resolution – Repair ERC

Final Words

If you are not comfortable fixing these problems on your own, be sure to contact a qualified Maytag repair or Appliance repair NY.

When to Repair Vs. Replace Your Pricey Home appliances


In the era of technology, the home appliances like refrigerator or washing machine make our life easier every single day. No matter how carefully you use your appliances, their lifespan is for a limited period. Many times people don’t realize when they need home appliance repair service or should replace it.

Let’s check out when to repair or replace your home appliances


Problem: Not cooling or freezing

Reason: If a refrigerator is not cooling or freezing well, one of the reason could be the frost-clogged evaporator coils. They can easily be covered with frost as they are placed behind a cover in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Solution: unplug the fridge, take everything out of the fridge and let it thaw for 24 hours. Once the frost melted away, plug the fridge back in. If it works, the problem is either with defrost timer, defrost thermostat or defrost heater. Before we fix it, it is important to figure out which part is faulty. This is where expert advice is required. If you suspect with this part, it is advisable to approach refrigerator repair service provider.

Problem: The freezer fan motor or the compressor

Reason: A reason could be either paper or some other fragments caught in the condenser fan or compressor may the reason.

Solution: When the freezer fan motor squeals, you can get it repair with the help of professionals. Whereas if the compressor stops working and making thumbing noise, well, it is the time to replace the refrigerator.


Problem: There’s a puddle of water on the floor

Reason: The reason could be either excess usage of soap in a dishwasher or a broken worn gasket

Solution: If the problem is too much soap in the dishwasher, you can fix it by yourself. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher to remove any remaining soapsuds. After that run empty dishwasher and it should not leak. However, if the problem is a seal leak in the motor pump, it is the time go for a dishwasher repair services. Moreover, the cost of a labor and parts for a new motor pump cost you more than a brand new dishwasher. Therefore, it is advisable to replace dishwasher with a new one.

Washing Machine Washer

Problem: It won’t spin

Reason: The reason could be a broken lid switch or a broken drive motor.

Solution: A broken lid switch retain loader’s drum from spinning when the lid is open. So, close the lid and spin the machine. In the end, if the machine makes no noise, it could be a lid switch. This is where a professional is required to repair it. However, if the problem is a broken transmission or drives motor, it is advisable to ditch your machine and buy a new model.

Stove, Cooktop

Problem: The gas burners spark, but there’s no flame

Reason: Blocks in the holes of the gas burner

Solution: You can approach the professionals for cleaning services. However, if you want to clean it by yourself, it is advisable not to use a toothpick because the tip can break off and fire hazard can occur.

Problem: The glass cooktop is broken

Reason: Damaged cast-iron Pan or a meat cleaver

Solution: It can be repaired with the help of professionals. However, buying a new one is the better option. As repair cost would cost you more than the price of a new one.

Final Words:

When it comes to home appliance repair services or its replacement with a new one, you should consider these factors to get a greater satisfaction.