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Tips on Maintaining Your Dryer


The dryer is one of the most important and useful appliances in the home. Having a failed or dirty dryer can be a huge nuisance. You will either take your bucket full of cloth to dry outside on the line after washing or to a laundromat near you. You probably won’t find any of these options fascinating. This is why it is very important to take care of your dryer and make sure it serves you continuously. If you are like many people that know nothing about dryer maintenance or the ones that live in an apartment where the landlord takes care of issues involving appliances, you probably won’t border about it until you get yours. 

Fortunately, we are here to help you out. You can learn everything you need without stress. And if things get out of hands, call appliance repair service near you, using the appliance repair free service call. Whether you are using a full-size dryer or the combination of both washer and drying, here are tips on maintaining them. 

Read the dryers manual

Manuals are added to every appliance to guide users on how to use them. The manual serves as a primary guide on the installation, load size, and maintenance of the appliance. Following the dryer maintenance manual will educate you on how to use and maintain it. It also makes you avoid breakdown or damages of your dryer. And if you have lost your manual, you can access it online through the company’s website. 

Avoid dryer overload

One of the major causes of dryer breakage is overloading. Every dryer has a minimum capacity. Learn about yours from your manual. Overloading your dryer increases the lint in the lint trap which obstructs the flow of air in the dryer. It also overworks the dryer which often overheats the motor of the dryer. This can result in the dryer burnout. Furthermore, large loads take longer drying time which results in more energy consumption. Plus, it affects the pulley assembly and also harms the dryer’s belt. 

Clean the lint regularly

Continuous use of dryers without cleaning can lead to lint build up on your lint trap which can damage your dryer or lead to a fire outbreak. It is important to make sure it is clean every time you use it.  And you can clean your lint once in a year with a vacuum cleaner. If you cannot do it on your own, appliance repair near me is just a stone throw. Call them and they will help you out with the cleaning  

Change the ventilation duct

Dryers ventilation ducts are often made of aluminum or plastic to make its changes easy and flexible. The duct is not expensive, easy to install, and it is available in your nearest store. A plastic ventilation duct when overheated can damage the dryer. Research has shown that many fire outbreaks in the house involve the washing machine. Therefore, you need to be careful and always replace your ventilation duct. You can also replace it with a metal duct and this can be easily done by a dryer repair service NJ.

Make sure your dryer is stable during use

Dryer instability often leads to improper distribution of load. It can also cause a dryer to fall. Why? Because the unstable position of the dryer causes uneven wear of the machine. This problem can be easily solved by putting your dryer in a flat position or support it underneath with a suitable wood. The manual can also guide you on what to do.

Avoid putting anything in the dryer

Dryers are designed to dry only fabrics and nothing more. Many people put the wrong things such as shoes, wigs, toys, and many more in the dryer. This often damages the dryer. Also, make sure the vent of the dryer is always close when it’s not in use. 

Bottom line

Dryers are estimated to last for 10 years and even to 25 years if maintained properly. However, many users often have problems with their dryers within five years of purchase. We all purchase drying machines with the mindset of lasting for a long time, it is frustrating to take it to the dryer repair services within a year of purchase.  Therefore, it is necessary to always clean and maintain our dryer regularly to keep it safe and effective. Constant use of the dryer often results in lint build-up in the lint trap which can make the dyer ineffective and prone to fire. hence, always clean your lint filter and wash out any spills. Also, clean the vent of your dryer at least once in a year. However, if you notice any issue with your dryer, you can call dryer repair service NY. They are professionals that will put in their expertise to get your dryer up and running. 

Dryer Repair Services in NJ – Problem that Requires Appliance Repair Expert

dryer repair services

From dryer, fridge, gas cooker to gas cooker, it’s amazing how we tend to ignore these important pieces of our lives. Sudden damage or malfunctioning jerks us back to reality and then we discover how badly we need them back on their feet. With homeowners in NJ spending at least 1 percent of their home value on maintenance and repair, this further stresses the importance of these appliances in making life easier. As much as you think DIYers can be the best bet to save some money. Most of us aren’t skilled in dealing with dryer problems. Oftentimes, to troubleshoot and get it fixed, getting an experienced appliance repair expert is the answer. Here are some signs to tell you there is a need to make a call through a dryer repair services in NJ.

When the dryer fails to turn on

Have you ever put a pile of dirty clothes in the dryer and it just refuses to turn on? The first thing to do is to check it is powered and the fuse is intact. If it is, then it might be a problem with the door switch. Other complicated issues can be the heating system, a problem with Thermal Fuse that helps prevent overheating. It can just be a damaged drive motor. These are problems that can be discovered and fixed by experts. Living anywhere in NJ? Experienced appliance repair point pleasant in NJ can save you some stress and money.

When the dryer is making excessive annoying sounds

Notice your dryer is making clanking, squealing sounds? It is time to call a professional as negligence can lead to more damaged. Because of the way dyers are made, every part has to work together for proper function. A dryer making annoying noise might be a problem with the glides that support the drum or motor mount. Drive belt, rollers or idler pulley that have seen better days can wear out and lead to excessive noise. This requires a total disassembling and a dryer repair service in NJ will always have a way around tackling the problem.

When the dryer is moving around

A dryer that won’t stay still to perform its work is a sign of a problem. If you notice your dryer keeps moving around the room while washing, spinning or rinsing, then it’s time to call a technician. Before that, check if the feet are leveled on the ground and balance it if it isn’t. If the problem persists, all you need is to Google an ‘appliance repair near me’ to check it out. It might be a minor problem that can be fixed or this might require you to get a new dryer with time. However, do not ignore it with a flip of the hand. It might lead to a greater issue like breaking itself free totally or disconnecting.

When the dryer tumbles but it is not producing heat

Overloading, dirt, a blocked light screen or ventilation might be the cause of a dryer that won’t heat up. Ensure your dryer isn’t overloaded and clean up the light screen. However, if this seems not to be working, the culprits can be a damaged thermal fuse, defective thermostat or a damaged heating element. In this case, call a dryer repair services NJ to get it repaired.

When the dryer is not tumbling

For NJ homeowners, the dryer is designed to tumble correctly to remove moisture. A dryer that isn’t tumbling is just to tell you it’s time to call a reputable appliance repair Point Pleasant NJ or appliance repair Spotswood NJ (if you are anywhere close to these areas). Culprits of this common dryer problem can be worn belts or a defective dryer motor that support the drum. A faulty door switch could also be the problem. Whatever the case, an experienced dryer repair services NJ will get your dryer up and running

When the dryer is overheating

If you notice that the heat oozing out of your dryer is too much and the top of the dryer seems to be hot, remove the clothe instantly and turn it off. This can cause damage to the clothes and the machine. Worse still, it can cause more damage to the home. There are various reasons why your dryer might be overheating. A blocked exhaust vent limit the passage of airflow and can lead to overheating. A blocked vent can also cause the thermostat to tripped, thereby, a more heating dryer. An appliance repair NJ is a way out.

Bottom line

If you noticed any of the signs listed above, a DIY is probably not a good idea to avoid complications due to the complexities of repairing a dryer. Let an expert handle it efficiently and perfectly. For all your appliance or dryer repair, Appliance repair medic is just a dial away.