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Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

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It’s dry, sunny, hot weather, the last thing homeowners dread the most is a faulty air conditioner. Air conditioner no doubt is one of the extremely important appliances in the home or workplace. When it breaks down, calling in an expert for repair is the answer to ensure a comfortable complaint-free environment.

Many things can go wrong when it comes to broken air conditioning. Sometimes, all it might require is regular maintenance by a certified ac repair services to ensure your AC work at its best during those hot summer days. The team at the appliance medic deems its fit to address common air conditioning problems and how to resolve them.

Quick tips for preventing common air conditioning problems

  • Keep your outside unit free of debris and dirt
  • Check your filters every month and get them replaced when dirty
  • Regularly check ducts for damaged and get them repaired/replaced
  • Have air conditioning repair services conduct an annual check-up on your air condition preferably before the warmer season kicks in
  • Get a programmable thermostat to help maintain perfect, consistent temperature in the home and saves energy

AC won’t turn on

Imagine turning your AC on and you are met with dead silence and can’t feel anything. This means your AC refuses to turn on. If your air conditioner won’t turn on, you can troubleshoot a few key problems before calling in an ac repair near me.

Sometimes, it might only require you to adjust the thermostat. Ensure it has powers and the batteries are not dead. If it thermostat is fine, a tripped circuit breaker might be the cause. If the circuit breaker tripped, it won’t provide power to the AC and AC won’t turn on. Resetting it once can do the trick.

AC not cold enough

If your ac is blowing hot air or not cool off, the most common cause is a lack of adequate airflow. A clogged or dirty filter can prevent AC from cooling properly. Changing your filter regularly is very important to keep your AC in good condition. Moreover, maintain a clean and clear outdoor condensing unit environment to ensure proper airflow.

Water leakage

On hot days or cool weather, you might notice some puddle of water under your condenser unit while your Ac is working. The water often leaks outside of the AC due to its units that freeze up usually at 60 degrees or less and then leak water when it melts. This is considered normal. However, when your Ac stays longer, the filters which help in cleaning the air that circulates through the cooling and heating system become dirty therefore, leading to leakage of water. Other problems such as broken condensate pan, blocked drain pipe, and low coolant levels can lead to water leakage. Also, bad Ac installation might be the culprit.

A failed electric control

AC failure and performance issue occurs there might be an issue with the electric control. The compressor and fan control can become worn out due to constant turn on and off of your air conditioner. The thermostat, the compressor, and the condenser fan motor are all the brain behind the electrical connection of the AC. Faulty wiring or connection problem can compromise the functionality of the other AC system. Check out an appliance repair near me to check the system, the electrical connection and make the necessary repair

AC producing strange noises.

Do you ever feel like taking a nap but the sound of your Ac is so disturbing? Ever come home to a squeaking sound air conditioner? It can be devastating right? This often means there is a problem and something needs to be changed or repaired. Different sounds are made by an AC depending on the type of problem. While a squeaking sound shows there is a problem with the belt of your air conditioner, a grinding sound might be due to problems with the motor bearing. Also, a hissing sound indicates a refrigerant leakage, a screeching sound shows a damaged fan motor or compressor, and faulty motor assembly or blower produces a rattling or thumping sound. If this sounds daunting, have s professional check it out for repairs.

Problem with drainage

Your air conditioner drainage line plays an important role in the efficacy of the system. The drainage pipe is designed to dispose of water coming from your AC into the drain. Drainage problems often occur when the draining pipeline is clogged with dust or specks of dirt which often destroy the system. Besides, fungus and mold often develop when water is not draining properly which can affect the air conditioner. To avoid a drainage problem, always clean your pipe, drains, and maintain it perfectly. More so, inspecting your drainage system every month to make sure it is in condition saves you from any uncertainty.