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DIY Troubleshooting Tips on How to Maintain Your Dryer

Dryer repair in new york, new city

Dryers are the most utilized home appliances. They are also called washers. They also consume lots of energy. Wearing clean clothes is hygienic and makes you look neat. Dryers wash and dry your clothes thereby saving you time and energy.
You might be puzzled by how long it takes for your dryer to dry your clothes. If it is taking longer than the usual time to dry them, then take note. Do not buy a new one to replace it yet. Do not be in a hurry to call a professional to repair your dryer in New City NY.
Several factors might be responsible for its slow operation.
A damaged dryer affects your washing ritual. A damaged dryer deters the user from washing and increases the number of your unclean garments.
Washers are user-friendly equipment and simple to fix. Clothes Dryers repair in Saddle River NJ is not difficult to do yourself.

Here are do-it-yourself tips on how to repair a dryer in New City NY and maintain your dryer

Inspect the filter of the lint

The filter is the first thing to check when maintaining Clothes Dryers to prevent the repair in Saddle River NJ. The filter prevents the accumulation of dust, cloth lint, and strands of hair. Clear the filter of Clothes Dryers to prevent the repair in New City NY. It should be emptied after each clothes inside have been washed.

A handful of fabric shed more lint than others, an example is socks. Make it a tradition to clean out the lint when you finish each wash and dry. It will maintain your clothes dryer and prevent the repair in New City, NY. It will prevent a fire from breaking out.

Dryer Repair Experts in Saddle River NJ said unclean washers are the major cause of washer fires.


Examine the area where the washer vent leaves the building

To prevent Dryer repair in Saddle River NJ, check the outlets. When a washer operates, a constant, free spurt of warm air goes through the vent opening. There may be a mesh covering spread over it. Peel off the mesh. Failure to remove it may snag the lint, prevent airflow and cause slow drying.
Put in a good door with louvers that can solely be opened when operating the washer.
Tidy up the vent’s innermost layer after cleaning the lint and external part of the outlet. Use a cleaning tool specifically made for cleaning the outlet.

Suppress the length of the vent’s opening

Reduce the vent exist, make it even and small. It will not allow air leaving the washer to be propelled too far or flow through droops. Your expenses and efforts are reduced.

Bind every linkings in the outlet

Shut all outer and inner joints to avoid air leakage and snagging of lines. Cover fasteners to prevent snagging when using the dryer. Use heat-resistant tape because it will not soften like duct tape during heat exposure.

In the US, aluminum duct tape is recommended. Never use a Vinyl exit hose.

Assess the Electric Breaker

Check whether the electrical sockets or gas power is not on. In case of tripping, contact a trained electrical engineer.

Simple dryer problems and how to fix them yourself

Problem: Slightly wet cloth after using the washer

Do notice your garments are warm but a bit wet after using the dryer? Try reducing the cloth load. If the problem persists, then you need to know the cause. Failure to do so might worsen the problem after a while.

Why?: This is due to underheating. The heating component is not working properly enough to dry your garments. Underheating causes are; wear and tear of heating components, dryer overload, dirty lint filter and screen, and inadequate ventilation.

Repair: Buy a new heating component at an electronic store or order online. Buy the component that suits your dryer model. After buying a new one, remove the dryer and rear panel, remove the old one and replace it. You may also put the thermostats on the new heating component. Put back the rear panel, plug the connections and analyze the level of heat.

Problem: Underheating caused by jammed ductwork. Your dirty dryer vent pipe can clog the ductwork.
Solution: Carefully clean the ductwork bimonthly to enable your dryer to work efficiently. The smooth running of your dryer minimizes the threat of fire.


Some damages may be due to old components breaking down due to constant usage.
Check the dryer’s components for wear and tear and replace where necessary.
Get professional help if the dryer is beyond do-it-yourself maintenance.
Find an authorized repairman close to you to get a repair cost appraisal. The appraisal will let you buy new components according to your budget. If the cost is much, it is better to get a new dryer than to waste too much money in repairing the broken down one.

Tips to Make Your Dryer More Efficient

Make Your Dryer More Efficient

No doubt that washing machine has made our work easier! Whether you have a whirlpool washing machine or any other, once in a lifetime everyone needs to get dryer repair. Most time we need dryer repair in NY or across the world because we do not use it efficiently. According to experts, if you want your dryer to work for a long time you must use it smartly.

Let’s explore a few useful tips that can make your dryer work more efficiently.

Keep the Lint Trap Clean

If you do laundry you must know how important it is to clean the lint trap on a regular basis if you want to prevent a fire hazard in your home. In fact, most people are aware that a clean lint trap is also energy efficient. The lint trap in the filter of the machine has an impact on the air circulation, which makes it less efficient.

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Always remember to keep your lint trap clean, especially before putting your laundry in the dryer. Also, after using dryer sheets you will find a film on your filter, so do not forget to scrub it at least once a month.

Choose Automatic Cycle

Nowadays you will find a moisture sensor option in almost every latest machine including a whirlpool. It will automatically turn off the dryer once all moisture is disappeared, it basically indicates that the clothes are dry. The other option you have is to run the dryer on a timer, with this option you can continuously dry the clothes for the length of time you have set.

This is definitely not an effective way to dry as it consumes more energy than you actually need to dry clothes. If you over dry clothes, it may harm your clothes. So it is advisable to use the automatic cycle instead of the timed one. In case you find your timer does not work, you should approach some expert for the washing machine repair in NY or wherever you live.

Dry Groups of Clothes in a Strategic Way

Do you know if you dry your clothes in a group strategically, you can save a lot in energy costs? For say, dry all the towels together, similarly dry all the sheets together, and your all lightweight cotton clothes together. This is one of the best ways to use dryer efficiently, also it helps you to save a lot of power energy of machine.

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Also, it is always best to dry lightweight clothes first before drying heavier clothes if you are doing multiple loads. By doing this the leftover heat from the lightweight load will be helpful in drying the heavier clothing items.

Choose Air Drying

In warm weather, you can give your dryer a break by choosing air drying for your clothing. Choose either a clothesline or a drying rack where you can let your clothes to dry after washing them. Air drying not only useful in reducing energy consumption, but it also extends the life of clothes.

Washer and Dryer Repair in NY

Suppose your washer or dryer isn’t functioning properly, it is painful when a machine is doing its job properly and power energy gets wasted. And this is where you need experts’ guidance and advice. If you need dryer repair in NY, you can approach experts like appliance repair medic!

How to Repair Dryer That Takes Too Long To Dry

How to Repair Dryer That Takes Too Long To Dry

Life of machinery is unpredictable. You never know when it stops working. When it comes to washing machine dryer that takes too long to dry, dryer repair in NY or anywhere in the world may seem like a daunting task. Whether it is about LG dryer repair in NY or any other washing machine dryer repair across the globe, it is necessary to know how to repair dryer when it starts taking too long to dry. Let’s find out.

Lint Filter

A lint filter that contains lint in great quantity will limit airflow and increase dry times. You should drain the lint folder after using it, as it helps in keeping the dryer in good working condition. Check the lint filter if there is any fabric softener has buildup, as it may restrict airflow. And use soapy water for its washing and cleaning. If you find the filter damaged, better replace it.

Blower Wheel

When a blower wheel and the drive are not attached correctly, chances are motor will slip and may stop moving air as per the need to dry clothes. In most cases, it actually decreases airflow to the extent that even the high-velocity thermostat get trip and eventually turn off the heating circuit. Sometimes you will find a loose blower wheel making a rumbling noise. So, it is advisable to examine the blower wheel to gain surety that it is fitted to the motor shaft.

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In gas dryers, gas valve coils that are defective may create a sign of taking too long to dry in case they are broken. You should examine if the flame explosion is proper to complete the dry cycle or this is the actual cause.

Felt Drum Seal

If you do not want air to enter the dryer drum in excess, you can use the drum seal. You can use as a cushion between the drum and the front which includes rear bulkheads. A felt like material is used to make drum seals. So in case the seal is torn or is worn then clothing may get trapped in the gap when the drum is turning.

Door Seal

It is necessary to keep the accurate temperature every time inside the dryer. Because it ensures that the clothes will dry in an efficient manner. If you find that clothes are not drying properly, you can examine the door seal to find out if it is damaged or worn out.

Final Thought

So these are the few ways to repair dryer if it is taking much time to dry. No matter whether you need LG dryer repair in NY or any other washing machine dryer repair across the world, you must follow these tips to fix it by yourself. In case you still find some issue, either you can approach professionals or you can replace it.

If you’re based in New York and New Jersey area, You can call Appliance Repair Medic for any help. We have 14+ years of experience in repairing the home appliance of any brands. We even help you fix the problem over a phone call.