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Preparing Your Home and Appliance For The Holiday Season

Appliances Repair during Holiday season

It is that time of the season again for joy, fun, vacations with family and friends get together. Which can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming for some as they prepare their house for visitors and go shopping for a gift. Planning ahead of time and preparing your holiday checklist can help in reducing your stress. As you begin to get things done before the time you can have spare time to enjoy the holiday season. For some people shopping and preparing their home for the holiday is not on top of their to-do list this season. But if you want to enjoy your holiday then you should consider doing the following. 

Get Your Walkways Clean

This holiday season you want clean walkways so that your visitors can easily walk around your house. You will need to remove any debris, snow or leaves from every foot-traffic area and sidewalks. And if your walkways or yard is not in good condition due to the snowy or icy weather. Then you should consider hiring the service of yard cleaner and snow removal or you can just salt walkways and steps on the entryway. 

Make List Of Supplies and Gift Needed During this Holiday

You should make a list of any hosting or party you will be attending this season so you can know the list of supplies and gifts you will need for the parties. You can then divide the list based on stores that are selling them to make your shopping experience better and reduce multiple trips to the same store. With the list, you easily get all that is needed ready before time to save you the stress of running around when most stores are busy. 

Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

As you will be expecting visitors this season or properly hosting a holiday party for families and friends you need to clean your bathrooms. This is part of the preparation you have to do especially for a guest that will be staying overnight. All the bathroom fixtures such as sinks, faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, toilets and others should be properly cleaned. Also as a means of spreading the holiday spirit and happiness, you can add a scented candle. Ensure to leave fresh towels for your guests and put a new bathroom garbage bag. 

Get those Furniture Clean

There are usually some overlook areas during normal cleaning like behind and under the furniture which will need thorough cleaning this season. As family, friends or colleagues gather together at your house this season you want them to sit on clean furniture. So clean wooden furniture with microfiber cloth and cleaner and if needed you can apply wood polish. And you should not forget to clean your upholstery which can be done by hiring a machine or a trusted upholstery cleaning company. 

Get Extra Waste Bins and Label them

There will be lots of trash and recycling materials to dispose of this season as people exchange gifts and host parties. When you place labelled recycling and trash waste bins in some strategic areas in the house it will encourage guests in disposing of items instead of placing them on tables or countertops and help reduce your cleaning time after a party. 

As you prepare your home for this holiday season, there is a need to prepare some of your appliances as well. And if there are any of your appliances that are not in good condition you should consider calling one of your local appliance experts to check them. Ensure all your appliances that will be needed this season are ready for use by doing the following.

Clean The Filter and drain Of Your Dishwasher

There is a cleanable filter on your dishwasher wish some people fail to realize which can be found at the bottom of most models inside the units. You should carefully twist it out and with a dish soap and cleaning brush clean the gunk. And for cleaning dishwasher drain remove the drain filter and wash it with soap and hot water using a bottle brush. Check if there is any food debris and gunk in the drain and clean any particles using a sponge. Then reinsert the dishwasher drain and filter you just washed. 

Clean Your Refrigerator

You might need more space in your refrigerator to keep some of your food. And in case you are travelling, you may want to remove expired food, dressings, drinks and dated perishables. You may need to remove every item wash them and dry them before returning them to the refrigerator and get rid of any expired food items. You want to create enough space in your fridge before stocking it.

Clean the Washing Machine Lint Filter

There is every possibility you will have to do more laundry this season and that is why you need to get it ready. So in case you are not aware your washing machine has a lint filter which you need to clean if you want to effectively clean your next laundry. Find the washing machine lint filter clean it as you prepare for the holiday season. 

Get The Oven Clean

In preparation for the holiday season, your oven should not be left out and you want to make sure it is in good working condition. Clean the oven nicely and get ready for holiday baking and cooking. Some ovens have a self-cleaning option which you can choose to use just to ensure you know how to reduce odours and fumes. And this should be done preferably before you start receiving guests for the holiday.


The holiday season should be fun but that will only be possible when you prepare ahead. Ensure you get your house ready and fix any faulty appliance you know will be needed during this season. List all that you need to buy and do then start making preparation now to avoid being stressed and occupy with things to do rather than enjoying the holiday.        

Repair or Replaces Appliances: Which is Better?

Appliances Repair

When our valuable, pricey home appliances stop working or functioning as it should, homeowners are left in the dilemma of whether to get a new one or replace.  A dishwasher that has stopped spinning, a washing machine that doesn’t fill at all, a dryer that overheats. Different things can go wrong with our appliances and they can sometimes break down even before their lifespan expires. Hence, instead of investing in the replacement of a malfunctioning appliance, all you sometimes need is to call in a microwave repair in New City NY or refrigerator repair in New City NY to the appliance function like brand new. Plus, you get to save huge bucks on other necessities. To replace or to repair? Here is an expert take on whether to call in an expert for repair or head over to the store. 

Determine if it is worth putting in the heavy bucks on a replacement

One of the quickest ways to determine if you should go for a replacement or repair is to adopt the 50% rule. This means if an appliance is more than 50% of its lifespan and the cost of repair is also around  50% of the cost of upgrading into a new one. Replacement might be your best bet. 

Although age is an important element, we have, however, seen some appliances in grandmother’s kitchen that are still working well for decades while the 4-5-year-old one got tossed out. Many companies are more into making profits than making products that are durable. However, if the cost of repair tends to be almost the same or more than half of replacement, you might as well go for a replacement. 

Know the appliance life span

The National Association of Home Builders study has made things easier by giving a rough estimate of the expected lifespan of major appliances. Use this to determine how far gone your appliance is in its lifespan and if you should repair or check out for upgrades. You probably don’t want to spend $300 dollars on a microwave that is already 7 years old. 

Air conditioner: 15 years

Dishwasher: 9 years

Dryer: 13 years

Furnace: 15 to 20 years

Garbage disposal: 12 years

Microwave: 9 years

Refrigerator: 13 years

Stove: 13 to 15 years

Washer: 10 years

Water heater: 10 to 20 years

Understand the type of appliance problems that might need repair or replacement

1. Oven 

Repair: you need an expert in Oven repair in New City NY if the oven won’t heat, the light burner won’t turn on or the door won’t shut. 

Replace: if the insides are rusting or the glass door has cracked. Getting a glass door can be difficult and expensive.

2. Stoves

Repair: call in a stove repair in New City NY if you notice inconsistent temperatures, or can’t adjust the heat of the electric stove. 

Replace: if the tempered glass stove has a crack, or the control panel isn’t working. The control panel is one of the most expensive parts and it will better to get a new stove rather than replacing the part. 

3. Washing Machine

Repair: consider repairs if the washer leaks, there are draining problems, or it’s making funny noises

Replace: If the washer won’t spin. Better to get a new one as repair requires the dismantling of the appliance which can be expensive. 

4. Refrigerator

Repair: if the freezer unit is freezing too cold, there is a puddle of water around the fridge, or it is overheating. 

Replace: If the compressor isn’t running. It cost a lot to replace the compressor, instead get a new refrigerator. 

While at it, it is important to understand the place of constant maintenance in ensuring your appliance function optimally and last you for years. Appliances are like cars, if we are not paying them attention with proper maintenance, they can break down.

Still don’t know how to go about it? Call in an expert!