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Refrigerator Repair and Maintenance in New Jersey

refrigerator repair

To keep food cold and fresh, avoid waste, prevent food borne disease and reduced trips to vegetable malls, Refrigerator has become a must in every home. This is a home appliance that is running all day and night long and there are a lot of things that can go wrong when your refrigerator is not well maintained or not functioning properly. From ice maker to cooling failure, some might simply require adequate maintenance while other grave problems demand expert hands. Whichever the case, Appliance Repair Medic is here to walk you through the commonest refrigerator problems and what can be done. 

Simple Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator problems can sometimes be accounted for negligence, misuse or overuse by the owners. “Applying preventative measure is the key to reducing professional emergency visits. Not only that, it will reduce the downtime,  extend the lifespan, ensure optimal performance and appearance,” says Appliance Repair Medic. Here is some simple refrigerator maintenance every homeowner must know.

Clean the Coils 

Clean the condenser coils located at the back of the refrigerator at least twice a year. Coils filled with debris, dirt, or pets hair can cost the refrigerator some extra work and might hinder the proper functioning and efficiency. This might require you to unplug the machine, pull it from the wall and get the coils cleaned. Use a vacuum with brush to get those dirt removed.

Keep the Door Seals Closed

Check the door seal often to ensure it is properly closed. The door seal is responsible for keeping food cold and avoiding energy wastage. Clean the seal twice a year to get rid of any food residue.  Avoid frequent opening, ensure it is properly closed and get it checked by Refrigerator Repair NJ in case the seal is not closing as required.

Set the Refrigerator on the Right Temperature

Not only is this important for the safety of the food, but it will also ensure the refrigerator is running at the right temperature. The fridge should be between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer should be kept at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Ensure the Refrigerator is Filled up. 

No, this does not mean that the refrigerator should be overcrowded, but it just requires putting enough food or content in it. Refrigerator needs to be filled up in order to ensure it cools efficiently and maintain low temperatures.

Let the Content Cool Down

Ensure any food items are cooled down to room temperature before placing them in the refrigerator. Hot steamy foods will require the refrigerator to work extra hard before stabilizing.

Refrigerator Repair in New Jersey

If your refrigerator isn’t functioning well or it just stopped running, there are different things that might have gone wrong which an inexperienced mind might not be able to fathom. A reputable Refrigerator Repair NJ will troubleshoot the problem, and get your appliance up and running in no time. Here are common problems that are best left in the hands of professionals.

The Refrigerator Produces Unusual Noise

Refrigerator do makes noise but sounds such as humming, rattling, whirring or vibrating noises are not normal. The sources of these noises need to troubleshoot and repair. A refrigerator can generate annoying noises when the fan motor is dirty, seized or worn and need to be replaced. If the noise is generated by the freezer, the evaporator fan motor is likely the culprit. Unplug the appliance, unscrew the fan motor from the back of the freezer and removed it. The solution is either you get the fan motor replaced or get a professional to get the refrigerator repaired.

The Ice Maker stopped making Ice

When the ice maker quits working, what is required is to check the water inlet tube, inlet valve and the ice maker. Ice maker can stop working if there is any obstruction or ice build-up in the inlet tube or if there is any blockage from the fill valve to the ice maker. Get the ice build-up melted or get the water inlet valve replaced. In case the problem continues, contact a pro for help.

Refrigerator is Leaking

Are there pools of water on the kitchen floors? Common reasons can be a tired door seal, a damaged water inlet valve, or a problem with the ice maker. A defective gasket or seal can produce excess moisture in the refrigerator. If there are moulds, discolouration, or missing pieces that might prevent the seal from being airtight, there might be a need for a new door assembly. Unplug the Appliance, check the water supply and water inlet valve at the back of the fridge for any leaks or cracks. This might just require you to tighten the connectors or get it replaced. Besides, if the problem has to do with a faulty ice maker, get is cleared or consider a replacement.

Fridge or Freezer won’t Cool

There are several reasons why the refrigerator won’t keep your milk cold or chicken frozen. First thing is to ensure the refrigerator is plugged in the first place. However, if it is running but just refuses to cool, this might be that the thermostat has been turned down or it isn’t set to the right temperature. Also, clean the coils and free your condenser of any dirt. If the problem however persists, your best bet is to call in a Refrigerator Repair NJ for troubleshooting and repair.

The good rule of thumb is to ensure the refrigerator is well maintained and call a professional when things go out of hand. These common problems given by Appliance Repair Medic will ensure you get the optimum value of your refrigerator. For all your refrigerator maintenance and repair,  Appliance Repair Medic will is simply the best to ensure your Appliance is looking and running new as ever.

How Can You Take Care of Your Refrigerator

refrigerator maintenance tips

Refrigerators are one of the frequent household appliances to be used in the kitchen today. Also, it is one of the most obstinate working appliances that run 24 hours a day.

From preserving food and sustaining the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, a fridge or a refrigerator is a companion indeed. But do you ever thought about your refrigerator maintenance?

If no, then the below mentioned are some of the refrigerator maintenance tips that will help you to keep your refrigerator in a more vigorous shape.

Check the door seals

A refrigerator is a device that is often opened and closed in order to get stuff in and out. And due to such an impulsive use, the door seals of the refrigerator may get loose. Which will result in the cool air to trickle out, exhausting energy and letting your fridge work harder than it requires to?

So make sure that you keep a decent check on the door seals. And to avoid such a situation, clean them thrice a year by using a decorous brush and a liquid consisting of baking soda and water. Also, one can do various tests to check them out. And after tests, if you figure out that the door slips out easily then you may need to call up a professional. If you are in NY then you may call up the Refrigerator repair NY.

Clean the Coils

Since the coils are located at the bottom of the back of the refrigerator, it is obvious that you won’t give them a check. But checking them out, cleaning them and removing the dust out of them will help your refrigerator to work more efficiently with less consumption of energy.

Cleaning the coils may take up some time – all you need to do is remove the screws and let the coils out. Also, one can purchase a cleaning kit or may use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Apart from the coils, also clean the condenser fan.

If you find that you haven’t cleaned your refrigerator’s coils for years, then you must need some help from the professionals of the appliance repair NY.

Set The Right Temperature

Setting up the right temperature can also help you out in refrigerator maintenance. Keep in mind that set the temperature of your fridge in between 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit, this temperature will allow the foods and other materials in the fridge to stay healthy and preserved for a long period of time.

Also, remember to keep the temperature of the freezer between 0 to -1 Fahrenheit in order to get better freezing.

Check the Gasket

If you examine that the cool air is seeping out or escaping from the fridge, then have a check at the gasket. Because it may make harder for your fridge to maintain the right temperature if the gasket id damaged.

Also, it will consume more energy than required.  If you find that the gasket is damaged or worsened, make sure to replace it instantly. For added refrigerator care, try to wash or clean the gasket regularly, so that you can get a better outcome from your refrigerator.

Change Filters

If you desire that your fridge runs efficiently for a long period of time, then make sure you change the filters of it at an appropriate time. Some peoples do not know that the refrigerators and water purifiers consist of filters that need to be changed.

So be careful about it, also, one can use the user’s manufacturer guide for such replacements.

So these were some of the tips that can help you to maintain your refrigerator on time. And if you face any kind of difficulty, while fixing your fridge then refrigerator repair NY can be the best option for you.

3 Common Refrigerator Problems You Can Fix Yourself

3 Common Refrigerator Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Is your refrigerator not working properly? Usually, after a decade almost every appliance including refrigerator start making problems. Mostly refrigerator has a life span of 10 years and after completing a decade they start increasing your expenses.

What if you can fix the problems of your refrigerator on your own? When it comes to refrigerator repair, there are many common refrigerator problems that an individual can fix on his own. Let’s explore in detail.

  • Ice Build Up In the Freezer

If everything in your refrigerator is freezing and it looks like a snow house, there must be a problem with your freezer for a sudden frost. Some problems you can simply fix by your own. Let’s find out.


Sometimes we leave the door open for too long that may raise the humidity level inside the freezer. In result, it builds up frost and ice in the freezer.

How to Fix

Do yourself a favor and do not let the freezer door open for a longer period of time. However, in case you open the door of a refrigerator or freezer and they don’t close on their own, this could be a reason behind frost. Lean down the refrigerator in order to reach its two front pedestal feet. Now you have to screw both feet carefully.

By fixing this, the door will get close on its own and the composed water will get drain completely from the freezer and refrigerator. In case the problem is still there, maybe your defrost timer is broken or faulty.

  • Cycling More Often

If the cycle of your refrigerator constantly run, it may increase your expenses. The refrigerator is one of those appliances that consume a lot of power. Therefore, if it runs more than it required, it may increase your energy bill.


The most common reason why the refrigerator is constantly running too much is building up of debris or dust around the condenser coils.

How to Fix

First, disconnect power to the refrigerator. In case the condenser coil is located on the bottom of the refrigerator, either it is accessible in the front or back. In recent models, you may find internal coils.

When it comes to access the coils, all you have to remove the grill by unscrewing it where applicable. Now with vacuum cleaner remove the burnt that is buildup. And remove the leftover dust or debris with a cloth or brush gently. In the end, get a new grill and connect power to the refrigerator. In case it is still making trouble, you can go for refrigerator repair in NY.

  • Water Leakage

If you see water under your refrigerator, it may not be a good sign. However, it is a very common problem and can be fixed easily.


One of the reasons for water leakage could be blocked defrost drain. It usually happens when food or dust particles clog up the drain hose, as it can lead to ice buildup, which results, water leakage out of the freezer and refrigerator.

How to Fix

First, you need to flush the drain from inside the freezer with water, you can use a turkey baster or a small funnel. Even you can use a pipe cleaner or a straightened coat hanger to remove the clog. If the problem is still there, you may need to clean debris manually that is clogging the check valve at the end of the drain hose.

All you need to do is, pull your refrigerator out and locate the position of defrosting drain hose in the bottom back service panel. This hose must have a rubber check valve, which is helpful in regulating humidity and also known for catching debris and clogging. Now clean the valve out with hot water and soap, and restore the valve.

However, you can avoid all these common problems by buying a refrigerator from top recognized brands with the lifespan of 10-15 years. Here is the list of top 10 refrigerator brand in the world by there features, quality, design, reliability, lifespan and other.

Final Words

So these are the few common refrigerator problems that can increase your expenses. However, nothing to worry about it, when you can fix them on your own. In case still, you find the same problems, it is advisable to approach the experts for Maytag refrigerator repair.

Things You Must Consider While Buying a Refrigerator

Things You Must Consider While Buying a Refrigerator

Needless to say, every household item consumes a huge investment. Therefore, buying a refrigerator is a big decision for anyone. However, sometimes it consumes so much energy that increases your electricity bill. From keeping food fresh to consuming high energy, there are many things you must consider while buying a refrigerator.

Consider Energy Star

Energy star is an easy choice for saving energy and money. If you consider all the appliance, you will find refrigerator as the second largest energy consuming appliance after cooling, heating, and hot water.

However, the technology keeps on evolving and today companies introducing new refrigerators with fewer energy consumptions. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone who seeks a new refrigerator, go for the energy certified refrigerator.

Prefer a Refrigerator with a Top-Mounted Freezer

The refrigerator comes in different models with different configurations which includes top-freezer, bottom freezer, and much more. Top freezer models with energy star consume less energy as compare to a 60-watt light bulb. On an average, you can buy easily but energy certified to freeze refrigerator at the affordable price.

Therefore, a refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer is recommendable for everyone who is seeking a new refrigerator. You can consider various brands like Samsung. Even Samsung refrigerator repair will cost you less as compared to other brands.

Buy an Accurate Size Refrigerator

Commonly, the greater the refrigerator, the better the energy consumption. The majority of energy-efficient models are normally 16-20 cubic feet. When you purchase a new refrigerator, it is advisable not to use the old one for extra cold storage.

If you find that your refrigeration needs cannot be achieved by a single refrigerator, ensure that the new refrigerator or freezer must be an energy efficient model. Be confident to recycle your present second refrigerator from your garage.

Choose Features that you Find More Important

Features are one of the important criteria while choosing a fridge. Whether you want an ice maker, hot water, or through-the-door ice, you have to think about your need, so that you pay for what you actually use. For instance, through-the-door ice improves about 84 kWh of energy, which led to decrease your utility bill.

Learn how often you should change the refrigerator water filter

Before making a final buying decision, compare the ENERGY STAR Product features among energy-efficient refrigerator models and take a smart decision.

Go For Recycling of Old Refrigerator

Recycling old refrigerators is another significant way to reduce global warming. It plays a key role in preventing energy-wasting units from reaching someone else’s house. And also, it is helpful in preventing the release of dangerous materials. Keeping the environment safe with recycling could prevent an extra amount of greenhouse gas releases! You must know how you can Flip Your Fridge and save.

Final Words

So, these are the few things you must consider before buying a refrigerator. A right decision at the right time will avoid refrigerator repair in ny and around the world for the long period.

How Often You Should Change the Refrigerator Water Filter

How Often You Should Change the Refrigerator Water Filter

Needless to say, healthy people, live healthy lives! Do you know that some of our appliances also play a key role in making or breaking our health? Indeed. And refrigerator water filter is one of them, as we use this water for drinking and cooking purpose.

Therefore it is very important to change the refrigerator water filter from time to time. In case your refrigerator water filter does not work and you need refrigerator repair in NY or any other city, go for it. You must not neglect their maintenance as these appliances play a crucial role in our everyday life.

Now the question is how often should we change the refrigerator water filter?

According to experts, six month is an average, but it is actually based on several other factors such as how much you use and flow rate expectancy. Suppose if you and your family use more than the average amount of water, chances are your filter possibly expire early, which means it will stop absorbing water contaminants effectively. Moreover, if you take too long to replace it the water filter may get affected with more bacteria and mold.

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If you’re not sure how long it’s been since you’ve replaced the water filter of your refrigerator, these are the indicators that you may have noticed:

• It may start giving an unpleasant odor
• The water may taste bad or like tap
• The pressure of the water slowly decreases

Therefore, if you want to determine that your refrigerator water filter is shot, do consider these indicators and especially, explore your senses for an unpleasant odor and taste. And when the time comes that you start observing these indications – whether that’s 3 months, 6 months – or 9 months – it’s time to replace it.

How to maintain its durability?

To make the durability of your refrigerator’s water filter, it’s necessary to stay on top of its maintenance to achieve the finest performance. Here are some tips that will help you make your refrigerators water filter last longer.

Choose the Best Model

Like with most items, all water filters are not the same. Some refrigerators may already have a water filter inside, but choosing the best water filter will make maintenance fast and easy. And in case your refrigerator is not working properly, you need to hire the experts for refrigerator repair.

Skim Through the Manual

You can take the help of your refrigerator manual to keep water filter in good condition. Each model will consist of particular maintenance instructions and a troubleshooting guide. Knowing how your water filter works and how to keep its maintenance to make it run for a long time.

Clean It Regularly

Of course, bacteria and dirt build-up will definitely harm your health as well as your refrigerator’s water filter. Its efficiency will get slow down, affect its parts, and generate bad taste, odor, and a contamination problem. Therefore you must not forget to clean and sanitize your water filter on regular basis.

Final Words

So, we hope, know you understand how to maintain the durability of refrigerator water filter when you must get it changed. However, if you think you need to get a refrigerator repair in NY or anywhere else, it is better to approach the experts like appliance repair medic.

Tips for Common Household Appliance Maintenance

home appliance repair

Everything needs proper care and maintenance, whether it is your health or your appliances. Good care of the appliances can save thousands while bad care of appliances can cost you a lot. Somewhere in the corner of our heart, we all have that fear. What if the washing machine breaks in the middle of a cycle? What if the oven stops working just before a large holiday meal?

What we don’t realize is that these and other major appliance breakdowns can be avoided with just a little care and maintenance.

Here are the few tips for Appliance Maintenance.

1. Clean or replace dirty from the dishwasher filters

In order to maintain dishwasher, metal-mesh grease filters need to be washed by hand in the soapy water or run them through the dishwasher. In case you need experts’ advice, you can approach washer repair ny. And remember, you don’t need to wash paper filters or charcoal. Better replace them instead. You can also have a look at these factors to know before hiring any dishwasher repair services

2. Verify your oven door has a tight seal

The oven can lose more than 20 per cent of its heat if it does not have a proper seal. In result, food will take longer to cook or cooks unevenly. Therefore, you need to check the seal’s condition of the oven door. You can check the fiberglass gasket or rubber around the perimeter of the door. In case there are any broken, deformed areas, or you find any leak while closing the door, it is advisable to replace the seal or contact with our wolf oven repair experts.

3. Clean stovetop drip bowls

Remove wet bowls from under the burner and soak them in a cleaning solution for around five minutes. Then go for a wash and replace them. It is advisable to clean wet bowls instantly after spills. In case spills burn into the bowls, time to replace them.

4. Clean coils in your refrigerator

Dirt and pet hair can block the refrigerator coils. Furthermore, it can restrict the air flow and cause the refrigerator to work harder to keep cool. It is advisable to clean the coils and you can do it with the handheld vacuum. The location of refrigerator coils varies by model, but in most cases, it is located behind the kick plate (the front panel near the floor) or at the rear of the fridge. In case you find defrost heater or any other part faulty, you can approach professionals for refrigerator repair.

5. Change your refrigerator water filter

Filters that don’t efficiently remove toxins could expose you to harmful water. In such a situation, experts’ advice to change the filter after every three to six months. In the end, it depends on water usage. However, Guidelines for changing the filter vary by model, but most are as simple as turning the filter a quarter inch and locking it in place.

6. Clean your dryer exhaust

Hair in the dryer exhaust not only reduces appliance efficiency, it is a fire hazard as well. To clean, loosen the clamp and pull the exhaust off the back of the dryer. Use your hands to clean large clumps of lint from the tubing and the hole in the back, or in case you can’t reach, you can use straightened coat hanger. In the end, vacuum it and reattach.

7. Inspect washing machine hoses

Most washing machine floods are caused by leaks in the hose. Check if there is any cracks, leaks, or weak spots the pipes that connect to the back panel on your washing machine. And if you find any defect, go for washer repair. In most cases, expert’s advice to replace the hoses every five years.

8. Clean your air conditioner filter

Dirty filters or clogged restrict air flow, reduce energy efficiency as well as the air conditioner lifespan. Therefore, filters should be cleaned between two to four weeks. To clean the filter, you have to remove the front panel of the unit. Clean the dirt as much as possible with vacuum. You can go for the replacement of the disposable filter as well.
Bottom Line

So, if you want to save money on the maintenance of your household appliances, start following these tips.

8 Obvious Signs Your Refrigerator Is Due For Maintenance

refrigerator repair

The demand for ice cubes, cold drinks and ice cream treat will be on the upsurge when the weather is hot. This means refrigerator got a good workout during the summer season as individuals constantly open and close its door. And it is not shocking if your refrigerator start having a problem and you need to call professionals for refrigerator repair.

Actually, a refrigerator provides necessary storage for the most perishable of foods, medical supplies and more. Hence, a fridge in need of overhaul can result in great inconvenience as well as wasted resources. In order to avert this, it is necessary to monitor the functionality of your refrigerator so that any issue can be rapidly addressed.

Most of the people do not think refrigerator as an appliance that needs regular service. However, refrigeration system repair is crucial to keep the supplies cool and fresh. In fact, the refrigerator will give the hints before failing rather than merely shutting down one day.

Almost every brand of fridges generally has its own trouble spots. But, there are some problems that are common for every type of refrigerators. So, whether you have any model, watch some of these signs refrigerator is dying.

Here are 6 Signs For Refrigerator Repair :

–> Food is frequently spoiling

Do you find your food is going bad constantly before its expiration date? This is due to the reason that inner side of your refrigerator is too warm. You should try turning down the thermostat and if it does not work then there is a need for professional.

–> Refrigerator feels too warm

Like all other machines, refrigerator produces a measure of heat. And the fact is fridges actually do not cool down their interior. Instead, heat is removed from the air. Hence, it is usual for the appliance to feel a little warm when it is running. But if your refrigerator is too hot to touch, it’s a certain sign that something is wrong.

–> The freezer has become a winter wonderland

One of the most common answers of how to know if your fridge died is that your freezer is starting to look like an iceberg. If you face such problem then you should defrost the freezer first. Once all the ice melt then plugs it back. And if the same problem arises again, then it is the time to consider buying a new fridge.

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–> Excessive Condensation

When you open your refrigerator and see droplets of water on the system’s interior. This is one of the signs your refrigerator need repair. Condensation inside the system means that it’s not cooling down properly.

One of the things that you can do if you see excessive condensation, is to examine the rubber sealing around the refrigerator door. If the seal is wet means it is also causing the condensation problem and it needs repair.

–> Not running

When you open the door of the refrigerator, a little light should come on. Moreover, there should gentle noise of a fan running. If neither of those present in your fridge, it means it is no longer working at all. You can fix it by unplugging and plugging it back in. However, sometimes the refrigerator repair is required for proper functioning.

–> The sudden spike in the electricity bills

Have your monthly energy bills are rising, however, your consumption routine remain the same. One obvious reason behind this could be your broken fridge that is consuming more energy to keep the items cold. Actually, a refrigerator is liable for about 8 percent of household energy consumption and the number can skyrocket if it is faulty.

–> Fridge making a buzzing noise

It is not uncommon that every fridge makes a certain amount of noise. But if your refrigerator is making an excessive noise it may be in need of repair. The essential components like compressor and others create sound. An excessive noise is an answer if you are thinking how to tell if fridge is broken.

When your refrigerator is making the buzzing sound, a number of issues can be the cause. One of the reasons can be that the compressor is worn down and creating noise. The dirty cooling fan is another reason. You should pay attention to the sound your refrigeration system is making and seek the help of a repair technician.

–> Refrigerator leaving puddle all over the surface

If the fridge turning the surface into a swimming pool, then it is the most obvious sign it needs repair. There can be a lot of reasons behind the leaky refrigerator including faulty seal, broken water supply valve and blocked defrost drain.

Wrapping Up

These are some common signs that you can see in almost every brand refrigerator. And if you need help to look at the fridge problem and do not know what exactly to look at however know there is something that requires changing then it is sensible to contact refrigerator repair technicians. You can consider calling Appliance Repair Medic professionals for the best refrigerator repair services at a reasonable price.