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9 Simple Tips And Tricks to Maintain Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator Maintenance

A clean home environment gives you a healthy life. You must ensure that you keep your home and environment clean to get a good sustainable life. The decision to keep your home area clean includes; using products with minimal packaging, sticking to recycling rules, minimizing water and energy usage, taking adequate care, and maintaining things you use at home. These will help to reduce environmental hazards caused by human activities.

A refrigerator is an appliance a homeowner cannot do without. Its functions are always overlooked and no proper maintenance is done on it. Examples of refrigerators are Saddle River Refrigerator and New City NY Refrigerator. It is often expensive to repair or replace a broken refrigerator. When a damaged refrigerator is discarded, it adds to the unwanted waste products in a landfill which can increase environmental degradation. There are ways to maintain and repair your refrigerator and extend its lifespan.

Understand the way your refrigerator works by proactively maintaining it constantly. It will save you money and efforts that could have been used instead to repair or buy a new one. With constant maintenance, you can detect leakage, broken parts early on and fix them before it becomes a huge problem later. A refrigerator taken care of can last for more than 18 years.

Taking care of your refrigerator every two months is not time-consuming. It keeps your food and drinks stored in the refrigerator fresher and bacteria-free.

Tips on cleaning your refrigerator

Tidy everything inside: Bring out all the things stored in the refrigerator and do a spring cleaning. Anything that has expired or is stale should be thrown in the trash can. Always scan your items for an expiration date before buying.

Clean the inside and outside: After discarding unwanted items, use a washcloth or sponge with soapy warm water to clean the exteriors. Carefully wipe the shelves, beneath the shelves, drawers for items, and drawer trays. Do not use a soap that contains chemicals.

Thoroughly rub the grime away: Items in the refrigerator tend to stubbornly stick inside. Give it a good wash to remove the gunk.

Arrange your items in an orderly manner: Do not put your items haphazardly inside the refrigerator. Arrange them carefully in order of items you will need first. Make use of food or drinks that will soon expire to avoid food wastage. Orderly arrangements make it easy to take stock of items in your refrigerator.

Prevent Odours: Use a deodorizer to prevent the emission of offense smell from the refrigerator. Apply deodorants every two months to soak up any pungent smell and let your refrigerator smell nice.

Always check the temperature: Check that the refrigerator temperature dial is at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial can be hit mistakenly when you clean or bring items inside or outside the refrigerator.

Fill your refrigerator to the brim: Some people eat out and neglect filling up their refrigerator. When it is kept full, the thermal mass is maintained. You can put bottles of water inside if you don’t have any food to store.

Cleaning the Drip Pan: The drip pan is situated underneath the unit to accumulate condensed moisture and melted ice. To avoid the presence of bacteria, clean it bimonthly. The following are steps on how to clean the drip pan.

  • Read through the user manual that came with the refrigerator. Discover the location of the drip pan and carefully obey the safety instructions on how to remove it.
  • Wipe it with a sponge soaked inside mildly hot soapy water.
  • Look for breakage in the pan. If there are cracks, simply buy a new pan to replace the damaged one to prevent leakage.
  • Check the drainage hole for accumulated food residue and animal hair. Discard them and clean them completely.

Cleaning the Gasket: The gasket is located at the edge of the refrigerator doors. Also, do a bi-monthly cleaning to ensure a firm seal and thermal mass control. It also prevents energy from leaking.

Steps for cleaning the gasket:

  1. Open the door of the refrigerator
  2. Vacuum out any shreds, food residues, and animal hair
  3. Dip a toothbrush inside a mixture of mildly hot soapy water and a drop of vinegar. Brush the seal line of the refrigerator door to clean it.
  4. Apply lubricant like jelly oil to the seal to prolong its lifespan.
  5. Examine the seal to see if it is misshapen or cracked. It is cracked or misshapen, buy a new gasket and discard the old one. Put one dollar note inside the door and pull it close. Gradually pull out the money without the door being opened. If the money comes out easily, then the gasket is loose. Replace it with new ones.
  6. Enact steps one to five repeated every two months.

In conclusion, repair of Saddle River Refrigerator and New City NY Refrigerator can be costly and can sometimes be your best bet for cleaning and maintenance.


Repairing Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

sub-zero refrigerator

Sub-zero refrigerator is one of the most preferable refrigerators by most culinary pros and budding foodies across the globe. With their top spot in the kitchen appliance industry and great experience in good design and high efficacy, all you can expect is a good quality refrigerator with high performance. But the truth is, even kitchen appliances with guaranteed reliability and perfect design such as sub-zero refrigerators are always at risk of malfunctioning from time to time.

It’s no surprise many sub-zero refrigerator owners get frustrated when their refrigerator fails to work. Fortunately, while some are due to a natural cause such as mechanical wear and tear others might be a minor issue you can sort out without the help of a professional. With that said, here are tips on how to repair your sub-zero refrigerator.

Condenser Not Working

Every refrigerator has a condensing coil which is often installed at the back of the refrigerator or its bottom. These coils are used in cooling and condensing the refrigerant and when they accumulate dust and dirt inside the condenser coil, it won’t generate heat efficiently. This makes it overheat,  cool unevenly, or breakdown completely. To solve this problem, switch off the refrigerator power, unplug it, and allow the condenser to cool down. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust inside the condenser coils and clean the coils with a cloth and warm water. If the problem continues, the condenser pump or fan might be faulty and you need to call Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in Saddle River NJ to help you replace the pump or fan.

Leaking Refrigerator

Your sub-zero refrigerator might start leaking if its door gasket is broken or the drain is faulty which is often frustrating. To detect the problem, check if the door is dirty, clean it with soap and water. But if the door is worn out, you will have to replace it. Also, take a look at the draining pan to see if it is broken or full. If it is full, empty the pan and if it is broken you will need to buy a new one. Your built-in refrigerator water dispenser might also be the culprit. Check if there is a disruption in your dispenser or if your ice maker is leaking. If the leaking continues you might need to contact sub-zero refrigerator repair NJ for professional help.

Noisy Refrigerator

A noisy refrigerator might be caused by improper leveling of the refrigerator therefore first check if your refrigerator is improperly leveled and adjust it to the appropriate level.

Thermostat Not Working

Every sub-zero refrigerator comes with a well-designed latest technology thermostat and when it fails to work it can affect the operation of the entire refrigerator. The thermostat orchestrates voltage distribution to other compartments in the refrigerator and without it, they will not receive the right information or signal. To check if your sub-zero thermostat is faulty, go to its setting and turn it from the coolest to the warmest temperature. If you hear a click sound and your fan starts working it means the thermostat is in a good condition if not, it’s time for a certified Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair in Saddle River NJ to come and inspect your refrigerator.

Overworking Refrigerator

Overstuffing your refrigerator can make it run in noticeable high cycles as it will need more time to circulate cool air. it can also happen when your compressor is malfunctioning. To solve the problem, limit the items you put inside your refrigerator. You can also read the sub-zero refrigerator manual to know the recommended items you can put at once. Do not ignore the problem as it can lead to more damage to your refrigerator component and also increase your power cost.

Freezer Not Cooling

Do you notice the item in your freezer spoils faster than usual? This might be a cooling problem and it can be due to the evaporator, thermostat, or condenser coil malfunction. Your freezer compressor or condenser fan can also be the problem. Get a sub-zero repairs NJ expert to help you detect the problem and also solve it.

Compressor Not Working

The compressor is one of the most essential compartments in the refrigerator therefore, it is faulty, your refrigerator will not be cooling and automatically stop working. Fortunately, this rarely happens in a sub-zero refrigerator however, if it happens you might need to contact a sub-zero repair NJ for a replacement.

Refrigerator Always Freezing

A damaged defrost system or faulty condenser drain clog can make a sub-zero refrigerator freeze from the inside every time. The thermostat can also be a problem but can be fixed easily. Reset the thermostat by switching it to the right temperature. If the problem continues, your refrigerator thermistor might be the problem and you need professional sub-zero repair to replace it.